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Many people will look at betting odds, welcome bonuses, and other incentives when deciding which sports betting website to sign up with. But, there is a lot more than those things to consider before selecting a site to spend your hard-earned cash with.

You must take into account the look of a site, and if it appeals to you visually. Does it have a ‘wow’ affect on you and will the attractiveness of a site keep it permanently engrained on your memory.

The usability of a site, how easy it is to find the markets you are looking for and navigate to and from them, also has to be considered. A site must be easy to navigate around, with clear and concise instructions and everything organised in an orderly fashion.

Functionality is another big factor, because the last thing you want is to sign up to a slow website with pages which take forever to load and are full of broken links.

At Bookmaker Advisor we carry out extensive research and visit a vast number of sites so that we can provide you with all the information we feel you need to decide which betting sites are the best.

We then choose the best sports betting websites, in our opinion, with the look, usability, and functionality all considered.

Our selections are listed below.

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How to Find the Best Sports Betting Websites at BookmakerAdvisor?

At BookmakerAdvisor, we are constantly striving to find the best deals and recommendations for visitors to our site.

We regularly partake in research to ensure that all of our information is up to date and helpful for people looking for a little bit of help in selecting the right sports betting website for their requirements.

Customers want usability, great features, fantastic functionality, brilliant offers, and a great looking website to join, among other things. We know this, so are in a fantastic position to provide you with all the information you require.

We do the hard work so customers can make an informed decision and find what’s right for them.

If you are visiting BookmakerAdvisor to look for help in selecting the right sports betting website, there are a few things you must do.

Firstly, read the rest of this article and find out what we believe makes for a great betting website and you will see our selections in our list of best betting sites.

You can then read other articles and find other lists which will give you an indication of what different sports betting websites have to offer. We have information regarding bonuses, welcome offers, huge price boosts, betting odds, special offers, which features each site has, and much more.

BookmakerAdvisor is the only website you need to visit to find out which sports betting site would be perfect for your needs.

What Can Make a Sports Betting Site ‘The Best’?

There are several things a sports betting site requires just to function, but the best sites all have something special to stand them apart from the rest.

It isn’t just about individual gimmicks, designed to draw customers in with the promise of something special. That’s simply dangling a carrot in front of someone to prevent them looking past that immediate bonus or incentive. Customer’s must take all things into account and realise that it’s the whole package that a sports betting website offers which is the important thing.

From the look, design, functionality and usability, to what the website actually offers its customers, everything combines to create a user experience and that is what we look at.

They not only think about offering their customers the best odds, best bonuses, and best incentives, but also how to offer the best experience for anyone visiting the site.

The Look

People are programmed to be drawn to attractive looking things. We all glance in adoration at another person who we find attractive, the same way we can all become captivated by a beautiful scenery or piece of architecture.

It’s how our brains work. Approximately 20% of our brain is solely for vision. What we see is then processed, extremely quickly, and the information is then sent to other parts of the brain. If something is visually impressive, we store it and we remember it.

The saying ‘I never forget a beautiful face’ isn’t just a saying. It’s real. We honestly do retain the memory of something we find attractive.

We react to colours, movement, images, and other visually impressive things. The look of something will give us a positive or negative reaction.

If we think something is attractive we will react positively, we will retain the memory of it, and we are more likely to want to see it again. If we think something is ugly, or even slightly odd looking, we are likely to forget it and not want to see it again.

The aim of a person creating a sports betting website is to attract customers and keep them, giving them more chance to place bets with their company rather than going elsewhere.

So, sports betting websites need to look good. They must use bright, radiant colours, add moving slideshows with special offers and price boosts at the top of the page, and they must keep everything simple.

Plenty of text is required, but it must be kept to a minimum and not take away from the visual impressiveness. A site must not be overloaded with words. Sections on each page with minimal text are okay, but all content on the website must be arranged in such a way that it’s easy to read.

Ultimately, the look of a website can determine if a person is willing to press the ‘Sign Up’ button or exit and search for another sports betting website that looks a little better.

That is why, at Bookmaker Advisor, we judge websites on how visually impressive they are. If a site is attractive to look at, it has more chance of being listed among our best sports betting websites.


There is nothing worse than going on to a website and feeling lost. You can’t find what you’re looking for and you sit blank faced for several moments before deciding to look elsewhere.

A customer needs to feel welcomed by a site, they need to know everything will be easy to use and all the information they require is in the right place for them to easily find the markets they want to bet on.

A lot of sports betting websites provide hundreds of markets on several different sports, so they must ensure everything is organised and shown in such a way that customers can find what they are looking for.

While the majority of customers will be placing bets on popular sports such as football, horse racing, and tennis, there are some who want to have a flutter on more obscure sports, such as skiing or ice hockey.

So, a sports betting website must create an easy to read menu, with drop down sections listing every sport they accept bets on. When clicking on the sport, it then must take you to a page showing which markets are available for that sport, betting odds, and any other information which will improve the usability.

If you think of a website like a road map, it must go where the user wants it to go.

Keeping everything well organised and regularly updated will ensure that customers do not get lost on their travels and be forced to find what they are looking for at a rival betting site.

A sports betting website must be clear, concise and easy to understand. Choices, such as list of sports and other parts of the site, must be clearly presented in a way that prevents the user becoming confused.

And, everything must be in the correct place with the most important information taking centre stage.

Blocks of text set out in a nonsensical way is always going to have people clicking on the exit button, as will random images spread about the site with no actual purpose.

Bookmaker Advisor takes into account the usability of a site, how easy it is to navigate, and any hurdles we encounter along the way. Only then, can we recommend a site as one of the best sports betting websites around.


The functionality of a website is the interactive part which requires site visitors to do something. Whether it’s clicking on a link, filling in a form, or placing a bet, functionality turns visitors to the site into customers who are taking an active role is finding their way around your website.

Therefore, betting companies must ensure that everything is in place to guarantee customer engagement.

Using the most up to date and powerful software will boost the functionality of a site. It helps to make the site faster, decreasing page loading times, and in turn making sure that customers do not get bored or lose patience.

There are going to be literally hundreds of pages within sports betting websites, all with the purpose of getting someone to place a bet. So, all links must worse correctly, and everything must be made easy.

If you’re visiting a site and you see several error messages, you will leave the site and go elsewhere to place a bet. If pages take forever to load, you will go elsewhere and probably not return to the site. If pages do not load properly or the interactive elements are all over the place, customers will go elsewhere.

Ensuring top notch functionality of a website will help to increase traffic, increase visitor engagement time and then increase revenue. More people will visit the site, stick around for longer, and probably visit again.

Poor functionality will have the opposite effect, meaning that the site will lose customers.

When trying to find the best sports betting websites, Bookmaker Advisor takes a keen interest in the functionality of a website. This is the part that is most important, as without it a person cannot place a bet.

Other Factors

There are several other factors which must be considered when determining a list of the best online sports betting websites.

What it looks like, how it functions, and how easy it is to navigate around the site is extremely important in our opinion, but there are other things to take into account.

These include features, customer service, available markets etc. which all combine to create a checklist that sports betting websites must adhere to in order to find themselves a place on our list of best betting sites.


Which features does the website offer?

Customers need to know if they can live stream sporting events when meeting a certain wagering requirement, they will want to know if cash-out or in-play betting features are available, and they will want to know if they can access live scores and live statistics during sporting events they have placed a bet on.

Many people will reject signing up with a betting website that provides a fantastic welcome bonus if it doesn’t give the customer the chance to bet in-play, while others will only join a site if it has access to live event streaming.

Live streaming an event enhances the customer experience by allowing them to watch the action they have bet on. It improves things for the customer and offering features like live event streaming can make a sports betting website a whole lot more attractive to potential customers.

A lack of these special features prevents the customer from staying up-to-date with how their bet is doing and can drastically reduce the enjoyment of the site for a customer.

We detail all features in our reviews and inform visitors to our site of whether a site has in-play betting or live streaming, so customers will know what to expect before even visiting a sports betting website.

Welcome Offers and Bonuses

This is an important factor for many people, because everyone loves to receive something for nothing. It’s also the introduction to a sports betting website, and the chance for a customer to find out what the site is all about without having to risk a great deal of money.

Many sports betting sites offer huge welcome offers to attract new customers, such as 100% first deposit bonus or free bets. Some even offer a no deposit bonus, with a small amount of money given to customers in order for them to try before they buy, so to speak.

Customers can then shop around and find the bonus which best suits their requirements.

It isn’t just about how big the welcome bonus is though, as incentives for loyal customers are just as important.

We look at whether the site offers things like free bet clubs, price boosts, and matched deposits for customers who regularly meet wagering demands.

Betting Odds

When considering which sports betting website is the best, we look at the odds available on the same market at different bookmakers. We compare several different bets, for several different markets, and make a list of each one.

This allows us to tell you which betting website is best for certain sports, which offers the longest odds on outsiders, best odds on hot favourites, and which site provides the best odds overall.

This can be a big determining factor for a customer when they are choosing which site to sign up and place bets with.

Available Markets

Customers need to know that the sports and markets they want to bet on will be available at the site they would like to sign up with.

It’s all well and good if a site offers a huge welcome bonus, and loyalty incentives to its customers, but it wouldn’t be great for customers who want to bet on winter sports and snooker if there are no winter sports or snooker markets available.

In this day and age, most bookmakers offer similar markets for pretty much every sport available. But, we consider market requirements when deciding on the best sites.

This can ensure a customer will be able to bet on the sports they want to bet on before they commit to signing up to a specific sports betting website.

Payment Options

Another thing that a lot of potential customers will look at is the different payment options available, and make a decision depending on if they allow the one they want to use.

Most bookmakers accept debit or credit cards, but there are so many different options which provide faster and easier depositing now.

Payment options such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller are more widely used and accepted now, and some people will decide on which sports betting website they sign up with depending on which payment options are accepted by the site.

Withdrawing Money

The sole purpose of gambling is trying to win and if someone does, they want fast access to their winnings.

If a person places a bet at an actual betting shop and it wins, they can return to any branch of the same betting company pretty much immediately after the bet is resulted and collect their winnings.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible with online betting although some of the major high street bookmakers do issue customers with a card which they can use to collect online winnings from an actual betting shop.

With betting websites that do not offer this kind of service, customers need to know how long they must wait until they can access their winnings.

Some betting companies, such as Sky Bet, offer customers the chance of fast withdrawal. This means that winnings up to a certain amount can be deposited into a customer’s account within an hour of the bet being settled. This is, however, restricted to certain banks.

Most debit card withdrawals will be deposited into an account within three to five working days, while some withdrawals into a Paypal account can be almost instantaneous.

Looking at the amount of time it takes to withdraw money and the ease of which it can be done is another factor that many customers consider when selecting a sports betting website to join.

Other factors relating to withdrawing money from a betting account are whether the site has withdrawal limits, and which accounts money can be withdrawn into.

Customer Service

In a betting shop, customers can approach staff behind the counter with queries or complaints. The member of staff will try and deal with it or pass the problem on to someone who can sort it out.

Online, there are no actual physical staff to approach immediately with a problem.

However, some online betting companies have live chat capabilities on their betting website, allowing customers to interact with a customer advisor if they have any problems, queries, or complaints.

They are usually available between certain times, on selected days of the week, and may have a bit of waiting time before an advisor is available.

Other forms of customer service include e-mail queries, contact us forms, and telephone call centres.

Before deciding on which sports betting website to sign up with, many customers will compare customer service options to ensure that all of their needs are catered for at all times.

Helpful Articles

This may seem less important to some people, but it is something that must be taken into consideration when signing up to a sports betting website, especially to new customers who may lack a little knowledge of the sports betting industry.

Helpful articles and blog posts, giving customers information regarding different markets, how to place different bets, and how to make site navigation easier, are all things that can enhance the experience of a customer.

Yes, a betting website wants to earn money and customers losing helps them to make more. But, they also want to give their customers the best chance of winning, so helping them to understand the industry with sections containing helpful posts can make them a more attractive option than a sports betting site that doesn’t have these.

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Absolutel joke, don’t use this betting site. Website only works on WiFi no 3G/4G. Customer service is a joke.
Absolutel joke, don’t use this betting site. Website only works on WiFi no 3G/4G. Customer service is a joke.
Disgusting service. Logged on, deposited money, then received a notification that my account was suspended due to not verifying my age.As I had not placed any bets, I asked for my money back, which they declined.Disgrace of a company, happy to take money before age verification, but won\'t repay.Currently in contact to get this money back. Do not bet with these criminals.
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