Reload Bonus

What is a Reload Bonus?

Gamblers who regularly frequent the online casino, or partake in a game of online poker, may know all about reload bonuses. However, not everyone who likes a flutter will go to online casino’s or poker rooms, so here’s all you need to know about reload bonus promotions.

So what is a Reload Bonus?

All forms of online gambling are filled with bonuses, offers, and promotions designed to attract new customers and retain those customers once they are signed up. Regardless of whether it’s sports betting, casino, or poker rooms, customers will find at least one bonus which will come in handy for them.

Reload bonuses most definitely come in handy.

For those who don’t understand what a reload bonus is, or know anything about how to claim one, here’s a quick rundown.

When a customer using an online casino deposits cash into their account, it is called reloading. Basically, reloading their account balance in order to continue playing.

A reload bonus is often offered to existing customers as a way of encouraging them to re-deposit and is given as a boost to whatever the customer deposits. So, basically, it’s an extra amount of money added to an account every time the customer reloads.

This could be a one-off bonus or a cumulative thing, with the amount decided by a percentage of what the customer deposits. The percentage sometimes rises with the number of deposits a customer makes or the amount deposited. Some sites offer reload bonuses of up to 150% to their most loyal and big-spending customers.

This means that every time a customer deposits money into their account, they will receive a 150% boost. So, £/€100 becomes £/€250. Obviously, a reload bonus of that size would only be offered to a select few and stringent terms & conditions would have to be met in order to qualify for it.

But, even small percentage reload bonuses are welcomed by customers as they reward loyalty and give them a little something extra for nothing.

A 10% reload bonus would give the customer an extra £/€1 for every £/€10 deposited. This doesn’t sound a lot, but it soon adds up for regular players who may deposit every day, or even several times a day.

There are sites that offer rising percentages, with a ladder starting at a low percentage that goes up when the customer reaches a certain wagering milestone. For example, a customer may receive a 5% reload bonus on every deposit until they have reached £/€100, which goes up to 10% and then rises again to 15% when their total deposit is £/€200.

This is just an example to give people an idea of how a reload bonus works.

Advantages of a Reload Bonus

For customers who regularly deposit money into their account, or reload, this bonus would be an extremely attractive thing indeed.

If someone is depositing hundreds and not getting anything in return, especially if they are constantly losing, there’s nothing to stop them taking their custom and cash elsewhere. But, if a site is rewarding them for their loyalty by adding a little extra to every deposit, it gives them reason to stay with the site they’re using.

This is an advantage for the site, because they have retained a customer, and it’s an advantage for the customer themselves, as they receive a bonus every time they deposit money into their online account. This bonus could also rise with length of time they use a site or how much they deposit.

Sites That Offer A Reload Bonus

A reload bonus isn’t something which is really used in sports betting, as it’s more suited to casino and poker games. This means that sites offering those type of games are the ones most likely to offer their customers reload bonus promotions.

As with other betting promotions, you should be able to find out if your favourite site offers reload bonuses by visiting the promotions page of their website. That should tell you all you need to know about whether they offer this promotion, how much you must deposit, the size of bonus you will receive in a percentage, and if that percentage will rise if you remain with the site.

It should also allow you to read the full terms & conditions for the promotion, which you should read thoroughly before parting with any money. Read the small print and stay responsible at all times when gambling.

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William Hill have just taken £60k from me stating i reversed my winnings and bet on the slots, something I never do!!! Rang to check why my account was empty and they stated its on the way to my bank, rang the next and they stated it had been reversed and played with. Reading the forums it looks like whill dont like settling winning so come up with a excuse but how do I prove this I cant reported them to IBAS but unsure if william hill will be penalised shocking pick another betting site betway is great
William Hill4.1
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