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Andrew P


Good betting options, awesome rates, better customer service. I am very happy with Bwin. Would recommend it any time!
  • Live betting is slick and easy to use
  • In play offers such as Acca Madness are a nice addition
  • Help service is easily accessible
  • Odds aren’t as good as their competitors
  • Lack of promotion
  • Website is not as modern as it could be

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Andrew P


Saturday 27. May 2017

Good betting options, awesome rates, better customer service. I am very happy with Bwin. Would recommend it any time!
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frequently asked questions

Is it safe to upload my personal documents?

Betwin ensure that your documentation is encrypted as soon as it leaves your computer using a technology called ‘SSL’. It guarantees that your documents cannot be intercepted when being sent over the internet.

How are my documents protected once I send them to you?

Your documents are stored in a highly-protected data centre with several layers of security controls that protect your information from unauthorised access.

What is the difference betBetwinen promotions and bonuses?

Promotions are special events designed to give you the chance to earn bonuses and other prizes and Bonuses are extra rewards paid out to you under certain conditions.

Under “My account/Special offers/My current bonuses” you’re able to:

Access the list of your current and past bonuses
Get an overview on how to use them
Claim or delete a bonus

Once you have fulfilled the requirements, the bonus amount will be fully at your disposal.

Why do the odds keep changing on the live interface?

Live bets are offered during a competition. Therefore, the odds are continually adjusted to reflect the current state of play.

There is an option on the bet slip during live betting offers, where you can select to automatically accept odds changes even if they change while placing a live bet. Please read their FAQ “How can I shorten the live bet placement process?”

What is a system bet?

With a system bet, you can win even if not all of your picks are correct. A system bet is made up of several combination and single bets.

As soon as you have added at least 3 or more picks (up to 8) to the bet slip, you can place a system bet. To do so, click on the “System” tab at thetop of the bet slip.

The number of possible system bets depends on the number of predicted outcomes. The system bets available for your picks are displayed automatically. An info button is shown for each system bet available which provides more information about each system bet.

E.g. you have selected 3 different picks which is the minimum number for a system bet. You now have a choice of 3 different betting systems:

“System 2/3” which consists of 3 bets
“System-Trixie” which would be 4 bets
“System-Patent” which consists of 7 bets

The total stake is calculated depending on the number of possible combinations.

Are the bwin live video streams free of charge?

bwin live videos are only available to customers who have an account with money in it (bonus money is not considered) with bwin, or to customers who have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

What is a FreeBet?

A FreeBet entitles you to place a bet at Their expense! Select your bet, Betwin pay the stake and you keep the winnings to the extent they exceed the stake.

e.g. You place your EUR 5 FreeBet at odds of 2.50: if your selection wins, you get EUR 7.50 (stake of EUR 5 x odds of EUR 2.5 = EUR 12.50, minus EUR 5 = EUR 7.50) without any risk on your side.

My bet was settled incorrectly, What do i do?

If you believe that Betwin have made a mistake in the settlement of your bet, please contact Their customer support team , indicating your user ID and the corresponding bet slip number. If you can substantiate your claim based on an official sTheirce (e.g. a link to the results on the official club site), please include this additional information in your query.

What is the minimum/maximum stake on a bet?

The maximum stake on a bet is calculated from the winning limit. If upon placing a bet you receive the message that your current stake exceeds this limit, please reduce your stake accordingly. If your account balance is under this amount, you also have the option of placing smaller bets but not below the minimum stake.

Please note that the bet slip performs validation checks upon every action you perform to inform you promptly when an incorrect action or stake has been entered. Therefore during the bet placement, you will be informed about what the minimum stake per bet is.

How long after I request a withdrawal will I receive my money?

This depends which withdrawal option you have selected. For a list of options and how to receive your money, transfer time and fees, please see their withdrawal options.

How easy to the eye is the Bwin site?

When you enter the Bwin domain the first page you land on is a splash page with a very clean layout and because there is limited information on the page, it is very fast loading. Once on this page it is very easy to get to the product you want with Sports list first in the main menu.

Once you hit the Sports betting portion of the site you are greeted with a really simple and easy to navigate layout. The black, dark grey and bright yellow colour scheme works really well and is very easy on the eye.

The to menu shows all of the products and the left hand menu is broken down into 3 sections. The way it is laid out makes a lot of sense. the first section on the left is current highlighted and live sports. below this you have any favorites (My Favorites) that you may have selected. This makes it easy to get to your favorite sport. Then below this you have the other sports.

One of the other things that is really nice about the Bwin site is that the help and contact links are clearly displayed as soon as you hit the first landing page, and are located in the top left corner. When you move to the sports betting tab they remain in exactly the same place, so, you never have to scroll to the footer as in many other sites.

Once you click on an event or market it is very easy to see the odds. Also when you open the event the markets are shown in the centre of the page and if there is any live stream it shows to the right of the markets. A very nice interface.

Does Bwin offer competitive odds or the best odds in a certain sport?

An overall average odds margin across sports of 5.7% shows that Bwin is definitely not the most competitive when it comes to odds, and although they are big into football betting, their average percentage on football is really quite high at 6.4%.

Being one of the major bookmakers outside the UK high street names this is surprising. If you are a punter/bettor who likes to bet on tennis then the odds offer is not muc better at 6.3%.

A lot of bookmakers offer quite low margin on US sports but Bwin are pretty high in comparison to other sites.

How good is the market coverage and selection of bets on Bwin?

Although the odds offer is weak from Bwin they do have a very good market coverage. As mentioned previously, football is a big sport and one of the main ones for Bwin. In most games you will find at least 80 markets on the major leagues and this is more often than not more than one hundred.

Range of bets is another area where Bwin have an advantage as they offer some very different bets to other bookmakers. A few of these are explained below.

What are Head-to-Head bets?
Head-to-Head bets are available for sports in which a direct comparison can be made between two starters or teams (e.g. in Formula 1). If you bet on Fernando Alonso in a Head-to-Head bet between Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in a Formula 1 race, you win if Fernando Alonso finishes ahead of Hamilton in the final rankings. He does not have to win the race. He just needs to obtain a higher position than Hamilton.

Another interesting bet from Bwin is the “System Bet” and this works with up to eight selections with doubles as a minimum. Here is an example:

A 2/8 system bet consists of 28 bets which transpire from 8 picks — twenty-eight 2-pick multis (parlays or doubles). At least two of the eight picks
must be correct to win.

How good is In Play betting on Bwin?

If we look at the live interface it is very straightforward to use and is the same layout as the normal pre match betting interface. On the right hand side you have a couple of tabs, the “Live Streaming” tab and the “Animation” tab.

It is the animation tab that is really very useful. At any point in the game you can see every single stat and this is broken down into the whole time the event has been play as well as last 5, 10 and 15 minutes segments.

For punters who like to bet live, particularly on fast markets, this is a fabulous tool.

What selection of bonuses and re-occurring promotions does Bwin have?

Bwin do not have a large amount of offers but two of the ones that are very good are their enhanced accas and daily price boosts. The enhanced accas take a selection of games and you are given a price which is better than the standard pricing. These acccas are selected by Bwin. They also have two types of enhanced acca. You can bet on the favorites or you can try your luck on the underdogs.

The price boosts are even better as you are getting bigger prices on single events or markets. As an example, you may get a price boost on a red card happening in the game, it could be a penalty in the match or even a player to score 2 or more goals. These types of bets will be interesting for the bettors who look at stats and historic data when certain teams play each other.

How easy is it to deposit and withdraw funds with an Bwin account?

Well when we talk about deposit and withdrawl options then Bwin probably win this hands down with 33 different payment methods. A few of these are country specific but for mainstream methods there are more than 25 to choose from.

The only downside is that when withdrawing, Bwin have an internal team that check all withdrawal requests before they can be sent to your account or card. This review process takes 1-2 days so if you add transfer time as well you will be looking at a minimum of three days before receiving your funds into your own account.

How friendly and fast is the Bwin customer service and live chat service?

Live chat is quick and on a Saturday afternoon when it is a busy sporting day it took around 15 seconds for an agent to respond. The response time is excellent and the agent was highly knowledgeable and courteous.

Can you trust Bwin?

Bwin have been active in the sports betting market for more than 10 years and have a very solid reputation.

To protect your personal data during communication with their web browser, the company uses secure and tested encryption technology from VeriSign®.

Online transactions are protected by the extremely reliable security system of a worldwide accredited clearing partner, which guarantees that its payment system is available and has up-time of at least 99.5% of the time every month.

In terms of licensing Bwin is a fully licensed sportsbook under the Government of Gibraltar, as well as holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

About Bwin

General Information

Bwin were founded in 1997 in Vienna, Austria, before launching its online betting website just one year later. Its formation of the live bet format was instrumental in forging their status as one of the best online gambling sites, and in 2001 they implemented a casino gaming format. Having been placed on the stock market, Bwin formed with PartyGaming in 2011, becoming Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. They are one of the most well-known betting sponsors in football, having been partnered with Real Madrid from 2007-2013, as well as being tied with Bayern Munich and previously AC Milan.

Deposit & Withdrawals

As expected, Bwin offer a variety of different currencies to both deposit and withdraw in. This goes alongside the standard use of debit/credit cards, as well as standard bank transfer. One interesting feature is that they used to ask for identification during your first withdrawal, though due to other competitors not implementing this, they have since removed this. The max deposit is around £10,000 for most methods, though BankTransfer can be up to £70,000.

Customer Service

Bwin’s customer service is one of the best around, with the Help and Contact section easy to access in the top left of the screen. The pop-out window leading to the FAQ is extensive. They are, however, not 24/7 with their telephone details only going from 10am to 10pm, meaning those in Europe betting on foreign markets such as NBA will prove difficult should a problem arise. Their live help, on the other hand, is very good.

License Information

Customers in the United Kingdom: Bwin is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission7.


Bwin betting experience

Odds format & betting margin

At Bwin whether you wish the odds to be displayed in European (decimal), British (fractional) or American format

Betting limits

At Bwin, winnings are limited by per player per week and are outlined below for various currencies.

CHF 300,000, USD 310,000, EUR 250,000, £200,000, DKK 1,800,000, SEK 2,100,000, NOK 1,800,000, PLN 950,000, CZK 6,000,000, HUF 72,00,000, BGN 490,0000,000, YTL 500,000, HRK 1,800,000, RON 1,000,000, RUB 9,000,000, LVL 175,000, LTL 860,000, ARS 1,700,000, MXN 4,000,000.

Types of bets

Bwin are not exactly the best giver of odds compared to some of their rivals, though they should not be disregarded completely. There is little to no movement in some of the major sporting events in the United Kingdom such as rugby and football, though their in play is better than some. They have continued to branch out beyond European sport with both Aussie Rules, bandy and baseball. That means that although their odds may not be as good as some of their other counterparts, there is always something for the average bettor to gamble on.

Sport coverage

Bwin cover a total of 33 sports on the site.

In-play experience

Live betting was one of the first features from Bwin that has since carried over to pretty much all other online betting companies. Because of this, they have one of the most in-depth live betting around, with extensive selection of bets. Of course, much like their rivals Bet365, they have live match streaming and it is completely free, as long as you have an account. One rather striking feature is the virtual tennis streaming. If the match is not available to watch live, a video game-esque presentation is displayed instead, which is a nice little addition.

Live streaming

At the moment “Live Streams” are totally free on bwin, the only conditions are that you have an account with money in it or have placed a bet within the last 24 hours.

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General Information:

Website URL:

Founded: 1999

Supported platforms: apple windows android

Products: SportsBook, Casino, Poker, Games


Customer service:

Customer service hours: Mo - Sun 10:00 - 22:00 (GMT+1)

Telephone number: 00350 200 77761

Live Chat: Not available

Address: ElectraWorks Limited Suite 6 Atlantic Suites Europort Avenue Gibraltar