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      What is a “bookee”?

      Derived from the word bookmark, a bookee is a term to describe a family of websites organized by interest.

      Bookee allows you to organize your favorite websites and access them from any computer or smartphone with ease.

      Can I have access to my bookees from any computer?

      With Bookee, you are just one click away from your favorite sites wherever you are in the world. Simply go to and sign in. For your own protection sign out if you are using a public computer.

      How do I use a bookee of another member?

      To use a bookee created by another member, simply click on “use this bookee” and it will appear at the bottom of your homepage. You can then use it as is and you can also add your own favorite links to it. If the creator of the bookee has agreed to it, he or she will be informed by mail each time a link is added. He will then decide if he wants to add your link to his bookee so that all users can benefit from your contribution.

      Can I share my bookees securely with other Bookee members?

      Each time you create a bookee, we ask if you would like to share it with other members of Bookee. If you accept, all Bookee members will have access to it and will be able to add new sites to it, but your email address will never be shared with anyone.

      What is Today’s Hot Pick?

      Any Bookee member can post their latest discovery in this section. The most suggested websites become Today’s Hot Pick so that everyone can discover them.

      What is Top 5?

      The top 5 lists the 5 most frequently used bookees by our members.

      What is Last 5?

      The last 5 displays the last 5 shared bookees added to Bookee by its members.

      Is Bookee a free service?

      Yes, Bookee is entirely free.

      How are bookees rated?

      We use a 5 star system, with 5 being the best. Simply click on the stars to vote. No need to vote more than once as only your first vote will be counted.

      What is a sub-bookee?

      A sub-bookee allows you to organize your bookees by theme or topic. Just click on the sub-bookee icon located on the upper right hand corner of the box and follow the instructions.

      How easy to the eye is the Bookee website?

      Bookee is not a bookmaker but a site where players can go and set up certain groups of bookmakers. For example you can set up a “bookee” with your favorite sites for football betting. You can do the same for any sport.

      For example if you have three websites who offer the best odds on horse racing (e.g. Bet365, Paddy Power and Skybet) they can be easily accessed on laptop, tablet or mobile.

      You can also connect with other users and share “bookees”

      The site is very easy to use and has a totally modern interface with a black, blue and white colour scheme.

      Does Bookee offer competitive odds or the best odds in a certain sport?

      As we mentioned Bookee is not a bookmaker but a site where you can aggregate and share your favorite betting websites.

      How good is the market coverage and selection of bets on Bookee?

      Again you will not see any odds on bookee as it is a bookmark sharing tool. But with the power of being able to see other bookee users favorite betting sites then you can certainly see where the best odds and market coverage are.

      How good is In Play betting on Bookee?

      Not available

      What selection of bonuses and re-occuring promotions does Bookee have?

      Not available

      How easy is it to deposit and withdraw funds with an Bookee account?

      Not available

      How friendly and fast is the Bookee customer service and live chat service?

      There is no live chat but you can contact by email, phone or website contact form

      Can you trust Bookee?

      Bookee is not a bookmaker so is not under the licensing rules of any gambling regulatory body.

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      Founded: 2010

      Supported platforms: apple windows android

      Products: sport

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      Customer service hours: Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 22:00, and 10:00 until 20:00 on weekends.

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