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In this modern, fast-paced world, there are more and more people betting using their mobile phone or other electronic device. This has increased the demand for mobile betting apps and led to many of the more well-known bookmakers offering this service.

Basically, a mobile betting app is a slimline version of the full site, available at the press of a single button and with all betting markets available to customers on the go. People can now place a bet whilst travelling to and from work, and they can check their cash-out value whilst shopping.

The rise of mobile betting has opened up a whole host of new betting opportunities for people who no longer have to visit a betting shop or be on their computer in the comfort of their own home.

So, with the increased demand there are more apps available for mobile sports betting. Some bookmakers even specifically target a mobile betting audience with special offers and bonuses to customers downloading and using their mobile app.

People may confuse best online sports betting website and best mobile sports betting apps, but they are not the same.

While there aren’t many differences in the features available on both platforms. The available markets will be the same, the betting odds will be the same, and features such as live streaming and in-play betting will all be present.

But, mobile apps are streamlined and must be able to present all of these things in a way which makes it easier to use.

On a computer, a user can open several different tabs to make placing a bet while watching a live event a whole lot easier. Mobile apps must find a way of doing this on a smaller screen but while still providing the same service.

Mobile apps may be a relatively new feature of online sports betting, but here at Bookmaker Advisor we still expect a certain level of performance and thoroughly research each and every one to provide you all with a comprehensive list of the best mobile apps available.

How We Identify the Best Mobile Bookmakers

At BookmakerAdvisor, we carry out in-depth research to determine which are the best and worst mobile bookmakers, and mobile betting apps.

It doesn’t matter which type of application or mobile website we are rating, we score mobile websites, IOS, and Android apps using the same criteria. Although, some of these may offer different functionality.

We take into consideration many different factors, similar to how we would research online betting sites, and score each app and mobile site accordingly. Then, we compile them into a list to make it easier for visitors to our site to find the information they require to make an informed choice as to which app to use.

There are three main factors we consider when rating either a sports betting website or a mobile betting app. These are the visual appearance, how user-friendly it is, and the functionality of the app.

Then, we take into account the features present on the mobile app or mobile website to ensure the betting company is providing the same service to mobile customers as it does to visitors to their sports betting website.

Visual Appearance

This is basically us asking ourselves ‘What does the app look like?’ and deciding if it’s visually impressive or not. We look to see if the information and content is presented in an eye-catching way, with positive use of colour, movement, and images.

We do not want to find an app is clogged up with far too much text, with dull, negative colours, and bland presentation.

Our brains are wired to remember things we find attractive, so sports betting apps must attract us. They must make us want to look at it, rather than switching away from an ugly and poorly presented app.

So, we ask several questions to determine the visual appeal of a mobile sports betting app.

Does the app use positive and radiant colours to increase visual appeal?

Does the app use clever imagery to catch the customers attention?

Does the app use moving slides to promote the markets available?

Does the app make a customer remember it and want to use it again?

These are just some of the things we consider during our in-depth research of mobile sports betting apps.

How User-Friendly is the App?

For this section, we look at how the content on the app is organised and how easy it is to navigate to different sections of the app.

This is an important part of a sports betting website but is increasingly important with regards mobile betting apps.

The screen is smaller on a mobile phone than it is on a computer, so content must be easier to read, and menus must be easier to navigate.

Everything must be set out in a simpler fashion but while retaining all of the important information which can help customers make informed betting decisions and place the bet of their choice.

Customers do not want to visit an app where menu options are too close together, leading to a finger accidently opening the wrong page, or removing all selections from a betting slip instead of placing the bet.

Little things like this must be considered, as they all add up to how user-friendly the app is and makes a huge difference to the rating we at Bookmaker Advisor will give the app or mobile website.


Functionality is perhaps the most important part of our review, as this is the interactive part of the app or mobile website which allows users/visitors to become customers.

Placing a bet is the interactive engagement a mobile betting app will be looking for from its customers, so they must make this as easy as possible. Links must be easy to identify and understand, and pages must load rapidly and be clearly set out.

Developers can use the latest software to ensure fast loading times and then they must do what they can to ensure customer engagement. If the app, or mobile website, isn’t working properly, customers will go elsewhere.

The main reason for using mobile betting apps, or mobile betting websites, is to place a bet quickly whilst on the move. Customers do not want to wait for pages to load, they do not want to see error messages, they do not want the app to freeze, and they do not want to see large chunks of information missing from the page.

If they do see any of these things, there are plenty of other options available in an ever-growing market. Competition is fierce, and quality is extremely important.

At Bookmaker Advisor, we take all of these things into account when deciding which mobile betting apps and mobile websites make it to the top of our list.


Just because a customer is using a mobile sports betting app or mobile betting website, they should still have access to the full features of the companies betting website.

All the same sporting markets should be available to bet on, live streaming, live scores, and live statistics should all be available, the mobile app should provide cash-out and in-play betting features, and the app should work just as well as the mobile website.

If customers are looking to place a bet on a certain football team or tennis player, and they cannot find the betting market they saw earlier on their computer or which their friend has already bet on, they will go elsewhere.

Customers must feel valued and not cheated. If mobile customers are being given a rough deal, with access to a poor-quality app, they will just go somewhere else where they will feel valued and have access to all the features they have become accustomed to.

This also applies to betting odds, bonuses, and special offers.

People want to be offered the same price boost on a football match if they are using a mobile app, as they would if they were placing the bet on the full website on a computer.

The betting company must consider consistency, with the same tone and colour scheme as the full website. People are programmed to expect the same service from the same company, whether using the full website or the mobile betting app.

However, there is one feature exclusive to mobile devices that helps increase traffic to mobile betting sites. That is push notifications. On our mobile phones, through IOS or Android, we can enable push notifications from our apps.

That means special offers, price boosts, and up to date odds changes can be sent directly to our mobile phone without the need to open the app. They are sent to the homepage of the mobile device and people can choose to open the app with a single press of the notification.

We consider all of these things and they have an influence on our final rating, before we compile our list of the best mobile sports betting apps and mobile betting websites.

Mobile Betting – The Future of Sports Betting

The rise in mobile sports betting is unprecedented and it is taking over the sports betting industry.

Mobile phones and tablet devices now possess technological capabilities that put them akin to laptop computers. Therefore, they are able to give users the same performance levels. This makes them perfect for betting companies to create mobile betting apps.

The increase in wi-fi hotspots also plays a huge part in the rise of mobile sports betting.

People can now log into a wi-fi network using the cloud, or even turn their phone into a hotspot using mobile data. Access to internet on the go has seen a dramatic increase.

When you combine these two things and take into account that most people spend the majority of their lives looking at their mobile device, it seems only natural that mobile gambling would also see an increase.

Research in 2014 suggested that the mobile betting industry would grow at extremely rapid rates and reach more than 40% of the total online gambling market, with an increase of 100 million online gamblers.

A study in the UK a few years back showed that there was a 79.5% increase in revenue associated with mobile sports betting during a four-year period.

This amount of growth certainly looks like mobile sports betting will overtake the use of full websites, just as online betting became more popular than using a traditional betting shop. The industry is evolving at every turn, and mobile sports betting looks to be the latest trend.

Betting companies have latched on to this rise in popularity and mobile sports betting usage, and many of them now specifically market to a mobile audience.

Advertisements on TV, website banners, and in your devices application store, will promote mobile betting apps from all of the major betting companies, including Sky Bet, Coral, William Hill, and Ladbrokes.

They give incentives for new customers signing up and downloading the app, with a special one off free bet or price boost the most common bonus available.

As more betting companies develop mobile betting apps and market them accordingly, more people will start using them. The online gambling industry as a whole is showing exceptional growth, and mobile gambling is at the forefront of it.

If the mobile gambling industry continues to grow at the rate it is, it may possibly overtake the use of full websites on a laptop computer, but I think we are still a long way from that event taking place.

Many people take advantage of mobile betting but still use the full website to place bets when at home or are able to. Just because mobile betting is increasing, that doesn’t mean the use of full websites is decreasing.

All in all, while mobile sports betting may indeed be the future, the two work well in unison to allow the betting industry as a whole to grow and attract more customers, increasing usage all over the world and boosting revenue.

Positives of Mobile Sports Betting

The biggest positive of mobile sports betting is the fact that customers can continue to place bets, and use other online betting features, whilst out and about.

People no longer have to miss out on placing a Saturday afternoon accumulator because their bus arrived late, and they didn’t get home until after kick-off. They can sit on the bus and place their bet at their own convenience, on their mobile phone or tablet device.

This has helped to attract many more customers to online sports betting, because it removes limitations that were placed on people previously.

The wider availability to online betting also allows customers to stay up to date, in real time, with how their bet is doing and can cash out or place further in-play bets.

Users can set up push notifications to be sent information direct to the homepage of their mobile phone or tablet device, meaning they do not even need to open the mobile sports betting app to stay up to date. Whereas, on a laptop computer they would need to open up the website and log in to check their bets.

It really has opened up a whole new world of sports betting to people and that can only be a good thing.

Mobile sports betting is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and every single day of the year. Customers can even place a bet whilst travelling to their great aunties for dinner on Christmas Day.

High levels of security prevent your information being hacked while carrying out a financial transaction, and virus protection prevents your mobile device being attacked by an online bug which could cripple your device.

Pop-up advertisements are one thing you will see less of on a mobile betting app, which is in stark contrast to the number of adverts that pop up online. All of which may contain harmful viruses.

Mobile sports betting apps are designed to be used with all devices, regardless of the operating system. So, you can still use your favourite betting app if you change your phone form an IOS to and Android.

It may be rude and anti-social, but mobile sports betting allows people to place a bet or check the progress of a current bet without having to leave the room at a family gathering. This means the customer can always be present without having to sacrifice their betting entertainment.

Basically, mobile sports betting is a big positive itself to the gambling industry as a whole, by removing restrictions and allowing on-the-go betting on pretty much every sporting event taking place.

Negatives of Mobile Sports Betting

Despite the fact there are several positives associated with mobile sports betting, there are also a few negatives or disadvantages to it.

Firstly, the smaller screen size isn’t to the liking of everyone. It can be discomforting for some people and can also lead to vital information being missed if full attention is not being paid.

The smaller screen size may also lessen the enjoyment of features such as live event streaming, as the event may not be as clearly visible as it is on a larger laptop computer screen.

Again, a negative associated with the smaller screen is that menu items may be closer together and lead to the customer navigating to the wrong page or selecting the wrong betting option to what they require.

Another possible negative is that it may be more difficult to create certain bets and some markets may be unavailable, although most markets will be the same as on the full website.

Also, features like live streaming or extensive statistics may be unavailable or available in less quality on mobile apps.

These are small problems, however, that can make for a poorer user experience and may even prevent people using mobile betting platforms.

A bigger problem associated with mobile sports betting, that must be recognised, is that it’s so much easier to bet and more accessible at all times. This can lead to customers spending more money than they would have done, or even more than they can afford.

Emotional betting is more common using a mobile device. If betting on a laptop computer and a bet loses, the customer may not have the chance to chase their losses by placing an angry bet on the next available sporting event.

The availability of mobile betting does provide that option and can lead to problems developing. If something is available all day, every day, with easy depositing options and quick access to betting markets, it does have the potential for susceptible people to succumb to gambling addiction.

However, measures are in place to attempt to counteract this. Responsible gambling advertisement is used, and features such as deposit limits can be set to prevent a customer spending more money than their budget should allow.

It has to be mentioned, though, as it is a potential negative of mobile sports betting and can impact every customer who indulges in any sort of online gambling.

If you are one of the people who are having trouble sticking to within your budgeting limitations or are placing far too many bets. If gambling is affecting your social or family life, or if you are betting just for the sake of betting rather than for the enjoyment, you may be developing a problem.

In this instance, we would advise you to step away from all forms of gambling for a while. Use the ‘take a break’ option that a lot of online betting companies utilise and assess your situation.

Talk to a professional regarding the possibility you may have a gambling addiction, give them complete details of why you think this to be the case, and try to stop it from growing into something which is impossible to break.

Remember, as the TV adverts says, ‘If the fun stops, stop’.

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Absolutel joke, don’t use this betting site. Website only works on WiFi no 3G/4G. Customer service is a joke.
Absolutel joke, don’t use this betting site. Website only works on WiFi no 3G/4G. Customer service is a joke.
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