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Really good selection of bets and nice odds. However, betting limits could be bettet
  • Wide ranging and detailed sports book
  • Strong prices overall but particularly on football
  • Well established bookmaker with solid reputation
  • Difficult to navigate website
  • No live streaming
  • Limited deposit/withdrawal options

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Wednesday 31. May 2017

Really good selection of bets and nice odds. However, betting limits could be bettet


Wednesday 31. May 2017

I like the website and how the system is and how to place a bet, simple and easy but they really have a BIG problem with limitation.After few bets i was limited to 5-10£ DON\'T KNOW WHY !
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frequently asked questions

What is "Advancebet"?

Advancebet is a bonus feature which is available if you have unsettled bets on your account. Advancebet is not a credit facility.

Advancebet provides you with the facility to place further bets when you have insufficient account balance, based on an evaluation of the potential outcome of your unsettled bets.

If the Advancebet amount used to place bets is higher than the amount you subsequently receive from any bet settlement within 48 hours, Marathonbet will absorb all liability for that amount. This means that you will not have any obligation to pay back the remainder of the Advancebet stake you have used to place bets.

What is Double Result (First Past the Post)?

This applies to Win Singles (or the win part of each way singles) on Horse Racing in the UK and Ireland. Multiple bet options will be settled on the official result only.

Marathonbet will pay out on both results if a winner is disqualified. This applies to the Win part of bets only, i.e. where they payout both on the official result and a disqualified winner subject to terms and conditions.

A double result will not be paid if a selection takes the wrong course, carries the wrong weight, the jockey fails to weigh in, the judge calls the wrong result, a race is declared void or on any ante-post bet.

The maximum stake for this concession is €200. For bets larger than this amount the concession will only apply to the first €200 of the stake. Any remaining stake will be settled in accordance with the official result.

How does a free bet work on the Marathon site?

From time to time we will offer Free Bets. The general rules for qualification for a Free Bet are detailed below. Rules may vary according to certain Free Bet offers. Check the Press and Advertising for details.

The Free Bet must be placed as a win only single on an event of your choice.

If your Free Bet is successful you will be paid the winnings only from the bet. The stakes for a Free Bet are not included in any returns.

If your Free Bet is a non-runner then you will be able to replace that Free Bet on another selection.

Can I opt out of recieving Promotions & Special Offers?

On occasions they may wish to email you details of current special offers and promotions. If you do not wish to receive these you can change the settings in the My Account – Other Settings section and opt out from these emails. This is part of their personal privacy charter.

How do Marathinbet use cookies and javascript on my account?

In order to use the website, both cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. To enable cookies on your browser, please follow the guide provided on:

In order to enable JavaScript please follow the steps provided:

It should be noted that no sensitive data will ever be stored in our cookies. These are only used to ensure a complete gaming experience.

Why was my stake returned on my favorite bet?

Favourite Betting on Marathon Bet

The favourite is the horse or greyhound which is returned at the shortest odds.

Where you nominate the favourite and two or more runners start at the shortest odds, then your stake is divided equally over the two ‘Joint’ or ‘Co’-Favourites created. For example, where two are returned at the shortest odds, then these two are joint 1st and 2nd favourites, and the next shortest price runner is the 3rd favourite.

Stakes will be returned on single favourite bets where the return, regardless of the result, is less than the original outlay. For example, 10/11 Joint Favourites, 11/4 Co-Favourite of four etc. Where the situation occurs with ‘joint’ or ‘co-favourites’ in an accumulative bet the selection will be treated as a non-runner.

What is a Lose-to-Win accumulator?

A Lose-to-Win accumulator** is the opposite of an accumulator bet in terms of bet settlement, i.e. a Lose-to-Win accumulator bet will be a winning bet if the equivalent accumulator bet loses. In other words, the Lose-to-Win accumulator is a bet on two or more selections across different events, where you win if you are incorrect on at least one result.

Can you explain what Each Way terms are and how they work?

The place part of each way bets on horse and greyhound racing are settled using the following place terms.

Non Handicaps Number of Runners Handicaps
Win Only Under 5 runners Win Only
1/4 odds, 1,2 5 – 7 runners 1/4 odds, 1,2
1/5 odds, 1,2,3 8 – 11 runners 1/5 odds, 1,2,3
1/5 odds, 1,2,3 12 – 15 runners 1/4 odds, 1,2,3
1/5 odds, 1,2,3 16 or more runners 1/4 odds, 1,2,3,4

Under 5 runners Win Only
5 – 7 runners 1/4 odds, 1,2
8 or more runners 1/5 odds, 1,2,3

On occasions they may offer enhanced place terms on certain events/races. This will be displayed clearly on their website and in their Special Offers section.

What is a VIP bet?

VIP-bet – A special bet, the amount of which exceeds the current maximum stake for a chosen bet.

Terminology used: Current maximum – the maximum stake allowed for a chosen bet. VIP-minimum – the minimum VIP-bet stake set by the company (300 Euro)

VIP-request – the amount of a VIP-bet stake which exceeds the current maximum stake allowed.

When a VIP-request is made, the current maximum stake allowed is accepted from the customer. This amount shall not be subject to cancellation should the VIP-request be subsequently declined.

The duration of a VIP-request decision making period taken by the company shall be determined from the moment of the receipt of the VIP-request to the start of the first event in the bet, and in any case shall not exceed 10 minutes.

Any single, accumulator or multiple bet can form a VIP-bet, although VIP-bet requests are not accepted on certain sporting events. After the final completion of all events in a VIP-bet, it shall be settled as normal in accordance with the general rules.

How is an accumulator bet calculated?

A win accumulator consists of 4 or more selections from different events. All of the selections must be successful for your bet to win.

For example, a £3 Accumulator on 8 selections, all winners, at 1.50, 1.40, 1.40, 1.30, 1.75, 1.80, 1.20 & 1.25 (Fractional equivalent: 1/2, 2/5, 2/5, 3/10,3/4, 4/5, 1/5 & 1/4) is calculated as:

€3 x 1.50 x 1.40 x 1.40 x 1.30 x 1.75 x 1.80 x 1.20 x 1.25 = £54.18

This bet will have a total return of €54.18, giving a total profit of £51.18.

How easy to the eye is the Marathon Bet website?

The website itself is very old fashioned looking with lots of quite boring images. The navigation of the site uses the three column approach which is used quite extensively today with a lot of online sportsbooks.

The main menu contains all of the betting products with the left side menu containing all of the sports. Selecting a specific sport from that left menu will open the sport in the middle column where each event will be shown. The interface is using a lot of white space as a background but will appeal to the user who wants a minimalistic and simple view of the odds.

Each event is listed and a small red graph icon to the right of the event allows you to open up a full set of statistics for each player or team.

Below the red graph icon you will see the number of markets for the event in blue. Although the site is old fashioned they have made the user journey very simple.

When looking at the market view it looks a little congested with a white and grey interface. It just does seperate the markets clearly so could take some getting used to.

Now if we look at other content then special note goes to the “Statistics” tool which covers every sport and every league in every sport. If you bet by analysing and using data and trends then Marathon Bet has an amazing tool. The depth of information is staggering.

Does Marathon Bet offer competitive odds or the best odds in a certain sport?

Ok so here is where you can get real benefit from Marathon Bet, they do not have tons of bonuses and promotions. What they do have are great odds and arguably the best in the market.

The average overall betting margin is just 2.2% which tells you straight away they offer better prices. they are not interested in taking big chunks of profit by adding high margins. They focus on providing a simple betting interface with great odds and having lots of players betting on their platform.

Their football and tennis margins are just 1.5% which you just will not get with a bigger high street bookmaker. And American sports are also very competitive with American Football at 1.9% and Basketball and Baseball at just 2%.

If you bet based on margins and are a trader then Marathon Bet are a great potential option for you.

How good is the market coverage and selection of bets on Marathon Bet?

Marathon Bet have a very good market coverage on football and tennis with these being the main sports. As an example you will find football betting opportunities from 90 countries across the world.

Each of these countries has a minimum of 2 leagues (local cup competitions are also included) and some have five or six leagues. In total you are likely to have more than 400 leagues to bet on.

As you can imagine this provides tens of thousands of markets to bet on.

How good is In Play betting on Marathon Bet?

In terms of the offer then the In-play options on Marathin Bet are vast but from a user perspective the interface is really not very easy to use.

If you are viewing the whole In-play offer for a specific sport (e.g. football) then it is very crowded and not easy to find information. Clicking on an individual game and looking at the In-play betting is a little easier but still needs some work. Like all sportsbooks, the site takes getting used to but as we mentioned, Marathon Bet do not go in for bells and whistles. There selling point is the odds, and at the end of the day this is the core
thing that most punters look for.

The other thing is that you will find any markets here that just do not appear on the bigger “commercial” bookmakers sites like bet365, Corals and Paddy Power.

What selection of bonuses and re-occurring promotions does Marathon Bet have?

Marathon Bet do not have any bonuses or sign up offers. They bring players in based on the excellent odds that they offer.

They do run a loyalty programme which rewards clients on a points basis which can then be redeemed for a range of gifts and free bets.

How easy is it to deposit and withdraw funds with an Marathon Bet account?

It is very straightforward to manage deposits and withdrawals with Marathon Bet. They offer a wide range of payment options including the major credit and debit cards, as well as the leading e-wallets and electronic payment cards. Also available are bank transfer options.

No commission or fees are charged for transactions and nearly all payment methods offer a minimum deposit and withdrawal of £5.

How friendly and fast is the Marathon Bet customer service and live chat service?

Well they certainly have top class support on Live Chat based on our testing. An operator joined the chat within 10 seconds which is very quick.

We asked the operator a range of questions including:

How many markets do they have on football betting?
Are they offering NRNB (Non Runner No Bet) at the Cheltenham Festival?
What sign up bonus can i get when I join Marathin Bet?

The operator was highly knowledgeable and also provide links to information answering my questions in more depth. Overall a really good Live Chat experience with questions answered quickly and courteously.

Can you trust Marathon Bet?

As a responsible operation that has been established for many years, Marathonbet endeavours to ensure that should it ever be required to close its business, all customers’ funds will be returned to them. They are required by licence to inform customers about what happens to funds that are held on your account, and the extent to which these funds are protected in the event of insolvency.

They hold customer funds separate from company funds in dedicated bank accounts and with various payment processors. These funds are not protected in the event of insolvency. This meets the Gambling Commission’s requirements for the segregation of customer funds at the level of:

Basic segregation and corresponding requirements of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for UK customers playing on their online sites.

Licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission for non-UK customers playing on their online sites.

About MarathonBet

General Information

Having set up their digital presence way back in 1997, MarathonBet are one of the oldest ‘new’ bookmakers around yet still somehow manage to fall under the radar of many punters. They are on most odds comparison sites and have a well-earned reputation for good service, a logical but cluttered website and a strong introductory offer. However, one potential drawback for customers is that the promotions page here is very hard to find. You need to find an icon at the left hand side of the page marked as ‘Services’ and a Bonus option will flag up, a strange approach but a free £20 bet awaits new punters who manage to find it!

Deposit & Withdrawals

Only a few deposit methods are available at MarathonBet and the omission of PayPal is somewhat jarring. Still, only the most obscure of eWallets are left out and you get all the main players – Skrill, Neteller and PaySafeCard.   Of course, there is the option to use bank transfers or any of the major debit or credit cards so while other bookmakers’ lists may be wider, MarathonBet should have covered everything you could possibly need.

Customer Service

A full set of customer service options are here but once again they are not easy to find. The live chat button is quite prominent at the top of the home page however. Beyond that you have to click on that services button again and this gives you two options: the help facility lists a very comprehensive set of FAQs while the contact button reveals a telephone number and an e-mail. They’re not easy to locate but the live chat is relatively simple to find and will be the quickest way to answer any problems.

License Information

For customers in the UK, Marathonbet licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, Licence Number 38762


MarathonBet betting experience

Odds format & betting margin

MarathonBet offers its odds in UK and European formats which are easy to read, but their overall betting margin hovers around 2.3%. That notably drops to 1.5% for football bets.It is a fairly basic website and it’s certainly not the most eye-catching, but the good news is that the sporting markets are laid out very logically in alphabetical order.

Betting limits

Their minimum stake allowed is €1 and there is no maximum, although there is a hard limit of £250,000 per day on winnings.

Types of bets

Marathon bet offer a wide range of bets including standard bets like singles, doubles and trebles, as well as Lucky 15’s, Lucky 31’s, Lucky 63’s and other combination and system bets. They also provide Asian Handicap betting and their unique “Lose to Win” accumulator.

Sport coverage

One real positive of the MarathonBet operation is the sheer volume of sports you can bet one which currently includes some very obscure niches like Sumo, Water Polo and Hurling. E-sports are also covered quite heavily while there is also an active market for specials from politics and entertainment.

In-play experience

MarathonBet has you covered here too, with a handy tab letting you choose between single bets, accumulators and multiples, while a vast array of statistics are also only a click away on any fixture. The live schedule is can often look cluttered however, which is where the site’s limited layout can be its downfall. Live streaming isn’t an option with MarathonBet.

Live streaming

There is no live streaming facility

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General Information:

Website URL:

Founded: 1997

Supported platforms: apple windows android

Products: SportsBoook, LiveBetting, Casino


Customer service:

Customer service hours: 10:00 - 20:00

Telephone number: 0800 9757882

Live Chat: Available

Address: 141 Davigdor Road Hove BN3 1RE United Kingdom