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tonybet is probably good for poker but for bets
  • One of the best bonus offers on the market with a free bet bonus matched of £100.
  • The website footer contains every piece of information. You do not need to search as all links are in the website footer.
  • Crazy Poker bonus offer up to €2000
  • Although it is easy to find the event, the main betting interface does not highlight sections very well. It is all black text on a white background.

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Thursday 19. October 2017

tonybet is probably good for poker but for bets
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frequently asked questions

How do I place a bet?

To bet on a single event choose the betting market from the ‘Sports Categories’ on the TonyBet homepage, or simply click on one of the odds that are available in the ‘Popular Bets’ or ‘Last Minute Bets’ sections. Once you find the event, click on the selection you want to bet on and your pick will automatically appear in the Bet Slip.

How long does it take to settle bets?

They aim to settle your bets as quickly as possible. Customers are their highest priority at TonyBet and therefore they do their best to process all the bets in time. A delay could occur due to the requirement of official validation for the outcome of the event. Should you encounter any issues with the settlement of your bets, please contact their customer service department who will rectify this as soon as possible.

How do I use the Odds Type filters on TonyBet?

The odds filters provide you with an easy access to your favorite markets, sports and events. You can turn the 2-3 Way filter on if you want to observe the markets for win/loss/draw for a particular sport or event. You can then add any other market to the list by checking the box next to it.

Is my data safe with TonyBet?

TonyBet takes your privacy and security very seriously. All data and personal information is protected by the industry leading security features and encryption methods. Visit the Security & Privacy page to find out more.

What is the event of the day?

Event of the Day is a selection of the most important events of the day with better (bigger) odds. To get those odds you must combine a certain number of outcomes from different events, which are indicated above the event name in the Event of the Day section. You can’t use the improved odds for single bets or combinations made of fewer outcomes than required.

Do I need to have seperate accounts for Sports, Casino and Poker?

No. One single account covers you for all on TonyBet – while logged in, you will be able to bet on any sports, play in the Casino or give a game of poker a try, as well as use any other services you see in the TonyBet website. All the funds in your account will be accessible for any of and all of the games.

Is TonyBet a fully licensed bookmaker?

Yes, TonyBet is a licensed operator. TonyBet OÜ, an Operator incorporated in Estonia, registration code 12103082, having its registered office at Tornimäe 5, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia.

The Operator is licensed and regulated in Estonia by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. This website is operated under the following licenses granted by the Tax and Customs Board: activity license no. HKT000016 for games of chance issued on 10 June 2012 and activity license no. HKT000015 for betting (toto), both issued on 21 October 2011; online gambling operating permit no. HKL000118 issued on 1 November 2012 and toto (betting) operating permit no. HKL000098 issued on 28 November 2011. Status of the licenses can be checked here.

Do you charge any fees when I make a deposit to my account?

Quite simply the answer is NO.

How do I place a multibet?

In order to place a multibet, you must first select at least two different outcomes of different events. This will enable the Multibet tab in your Bet Slip in the top right corner of the page. You can now navigate using the ‘Sports Categories’ menu on the homepage or by browsing through the markets in the ‘Popular Bets’ and ‘Last Minute Bets’. Add your bets to the Multibet Bet Slip by clicking on the odds you wish to bet on.

As you add bets to your Bet Slip you will notice the ‘Total Odds’ changing. Once you have added your bets to the Multibet Bet Slip you can enter the amount of money you wish to wager on your selection by typing the amount into the ‘Stake’ box.

You can add up to 30 bets to your Multibet. If you add more bets to the slip you will notice the ‘Potential Winnings’ change according to the ‘Total Odds’. Once you enter all the bets, check to see if you‘re satisfied with your selection, and if you are, click ‘Confirm’.

What is your "Clean Sheets" deal?

Thanks to TonyBet’s Bore Draw Money Back offer, scoreless draws are only a problem for your eyes and not for your wallet! Place a pre-match bet of at least 20GBP on your favorite team to win and if the game finishes 0-0, they will refund your stake in FreeBets. This offer is available to the new and existing customers.

About TonyBet

General Information

TonyBet is the brainchild of legendary poker player Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga, who is respected businessman running a number of successful international companies. Tony is also one of the world’s premier professional poker players, having played in some of the biggest high stakes poker games in the world. Tony was born in Kaunas, Lithuania. His passion for sports, knowledge of financial markets and strong business ideas led him to the world of sports betting through TonyBet. His ethos of creating a friendly and fun atmosphere for the customers is evident at TonyBet. As a poker player he understands the importance of community and as a philanthropist. plays in many charity poker events and has contributed large portions of his winnings to various charity trusts and organizations.

TonyBet is a relatively new addition to the sports betting ranks, but you can see straight away that it has something for everyone. Even obscure footbal matches have hundreds of markets that you can play. Other bookmakers do not offer these as they see them as too risky, but at TonyBet you can get involved. Tony has taken the risk/reward factor of poker and instilled it into the guts of the sportsbook.

The main menu on the left of the screen lets you find your favored event quickly, and breaks it down using simple drop down menus. You can filter using continent, country and league to quickly find the event you are most interested in betting on.

And they have a superb free bet bonus matched of £100. Join TonyBet TODAY!

Deposit & Withdrawals

The deposit options available with TonyBet include: Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard. These same options are available for withdrawal as well. Deposits are immediate for card transactions and e-wallets, with most bank transfers taking between 2-3 days depending upon the users bank. Withdrawals take 1-2 days when using a card and 2-5 days if withdrawing by bank transfer. Currencies accepted include: GBP, EURO.

Customer Service

Live Chat: 24/7 Phone: +44 2037 690147 E-mail: [email protected]

License Information

You can check out the TonyBet gambling license here


TonyBet betting experience

Odds format & betting margin

TonyBet offer a full range of odds formats including the traditional “Fractional” odds format, the European “Decimal” odds format and also the “American” odds format. Let’s look at each and explain how they work in laymans terms. Fractional odds are the odds format that most punters know and love and are exactly as its says on the tin…..a simple fraction. So lets take a price which is odds against which might be 6/1. So If you put a bet on of 1 pound, you will receive back your one pound stake plus six, so a total of £7.00. Decimal odds are not complicated and quite straightforward to understand, as all you need to do is take the decimal number, lets say 17.0 and deduct 1 which would give you odds of 16/1. When we talk about American odds. it can be a little more difficult to understand, buts lets try to simplify it for you. All bets are classed as a return to 100 points so American Odds of 200 would equate to 3.00 in decimal and 2/1 in fractional terms.

Betting limits

There is a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount on TonyBet of €10

Types of bets

TonyBet offer a wide selection of bets including win and EW singles, combination and multiple bets. They also have a strong offer for puntersv who enjoy handicap betting.

Sport coverage

TonyBet currently offer 19 sports to bet on across the website

In-play experience

TonyBet offer a wide range of live and in-play bets.

Live streaming

There is no live streaming on the site at present.

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Founded: 2009

Supported platforms: apple windows android

Products: Sports, In-Play, Live Casino, Casino and Poker


Customer service:

Customer service hours: 24 Hours per day

Telephone number: +44 2037 690147

Live Chat: Available

Address: Tonybet OU Tornimae 5 Tallin 10145