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One of the most popular bonuses that online bookmakers offer is free bets. These can be as an enticing offer to new customers, as part of a free bet club for existing customers, or as special one-off promotions via e-mail or text message.

Regardless of the type of free bet bonus, this is the most common and most used type of promotion with online bookies. Everyone loves receiving something for free and having the chance to win big from a free bet is incredibly enticing.

Here, we look at the types of free bets which are offered to new customers, and the things to consider when looking to take advantage of free bet promotions.

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What is a Free Bet Bonus

As the name would suggest, a free bet bonus is a bonus or promotion which offers customers free bets. These are used as an enticing offer for new customers, who are looking to receive something extra when signing up for a new account with an online bookmaker.

Obviously, these free bets aren’t entirely free. They usually have wagering requirements, minimum deposit, and/or other requirements but it is an extra bet on top of the funds a customer deposits or stakes on a bet.

Free Bet Bonus for New Customers

As already mentioned, and as many people will see when looking at different online bookies, there are several types of free bet bonus. Some of these apply just to new customers, some only to existing and loyal customers, and some can apply to both.

We are concentrating solely on free bet bonuses for new customers, which are promotions used to entice customers to sign up and register for a new account.

These usually work by the site giving free bets to new customers after they have staked or deposited a set amount from their new account. Free bet bonuses will vary, with different requirements, different ways to qualify etc. but ultimately, it is a free bet that the bookmaker covers the cost of.

For example, a site may offer a free bet bonus of £20 to all new customers who deposit and bet £20 within a set time limit after signing up. This means that once a customer bets the £20, a free bet of the same amount will be added to their account.

Any winnings from free bet bonuses are sometimes paid out in real, withdrawable money but will usually have the initial free bet stake deducted. Sometimes, winnings are paid into a bonus balance which will be converted into real money once certain wagering requirements are met.

One free bet bonus which works differently to the others is a risk-free bonus. This is where a customer will deposit and place a bet as normal, with any losses from their first bet being added back to their account as a free bet bonus amount.

There are usually more wagering and other requirements associated with risk-free bets.

With any type of free bet promotion, or indeed any other offer, customers should always read terms and conditions and pay special attention to the small print which a lot of people never take proper notice of.

Things to Consider

Before signing up for a new account with an online bookmaker just to take advantage of a free bet bonus, there are several things which must be taken into consideration.

Size and Type of Free Bet Bonus

Obviously, potential customers will be enticed by the promise of a large free bet bonus but sometimes these have more requirements attached to them.

Take the size of the free bet into consideration but also look at the type of free bet bonus.

Is the free bet a risk-free bet? Will it be added to your account after first deposit or first bet? Or, will you have to place five or more bets of the same amount before qualifying to receive a free bet?

Also, make sure to take note of whether the promotion is market specific. In other words, the free bet bonus may only apply to those new customers who place a specific stake on any football market or a specific match.

Wagering Requirements

As already mentioned, most free bet bonuses will have several wagering requirements attached. These are usually in the form of minimum turnover on the free bet amount.

For example, a customer may receive a £10 free bet after placing their first bet from a new account. This may be subject to a minimum turnover of 5x the free bet bonus amount, which means any winnings from the initial free bet will be held in a bonus balance until the customer has staked another £50.

Once the turnover requirements have been met, these bonus funds are then converted to real withdrawable cash.

Expiration Period

Most free bet offers will include an expiration period. This usually means that new customers must place their qualifying bet within a set amount of time after signing up for a new account, and then they will have another set amount of time to use the free bet(s) which they qualify for.

For example, a customer may be given a time limit of 48 hours after signing up for a new account to bet the qualifying amount required for the free bet bonus to be applicable. Once they have qualified for the bonus, the free bet(s) will be added to their account and they can use them as they wish.

But, usually, these free bets will expire around seven days after being added to an account. If they haven’t been used by the expiration date given, the customer will no longer be able to use the free bet.

For this reason, it’s always best to fully read through the terms and conditions before signing up for a free bet offer, note down any expiration period given, and use the free bets as soon as possible after they are added to your account,

Otherwise, you may find yourself missing out on the bonus that enticed you to a site in the first place.

Minimum Odds

This requirement is important as not sticking to it may prevent you from qualifying for a free bet bonus. Basically, most online bookmakers will include minimum odds to any qualifying bets or bets using the free bet stake.

For example, a free bet bonus may require customers to place a qualifying bet of at least £10 on a bet which has odds of at least 1/1 (2.00). Any bets with odds shorter than this will not qualify for the bonus.

Also, the same minimum odds will usually apply to any free bets the customer has qualified for and possibly any bets within the bonus period, which will be before the customer has fulfilled any wagering requirements attached to the free bet promotion.

Customers should always read the terms and conditions, including the small print, to find out any information regarding minimum odds requirements. Placing a bet on shorter odds than required will mean not qualifying for the bonus and will mean missing out on it altogether if the promotion only applied to the first bet using a new account.

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