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Well I have to bet with Paddy Power as my name is Paddy. I am not a fan of the horses but love a bet on the football. I do have other betting accounts but I find the prices are way better on Paddys site. I do agree the site is a little outdated and could do with a lick of paint. I am not a fan of adverts like most people, but Paddy Power ads are hilarious and make me laugh. And they give you regular bonus bets as well....
  • Money back specials and great promotions
  • Huge and wide-ranging sports book
  • Detailed website content
  • Website often looks cluttered and can be difficult to navigate
  • Low betting margin outside of offers

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Saturday 23. December 2017

Well I have to bet with Paddy Power as my name is Paddy. I am not a fan of the horses but love a bet on the football. I do have other betting accounts but I find the prices are way better on Paddys site. I do agree the site is a little outdated and could do with a lick of paint. I am not a fan of adverts like most people, but Paddy Power ads are hilarious and make me laugh. And they give you regular bonus bets as well.


Tuesday 02. January 2018

The website is really outdated and their tote betting is totally ridiculous. I was a client but have since switched to Bet365.


Tuesday 02. January 2018

I just saw your site and thought I would leave a review on Paddy Power. I am not into all this new fangled betting online...I am 64, but I do like my Saturday flutter on the horses and it's lovely to chat to a human being on the phone. Lovely people and support.
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Paddy Power

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Latest Betting Promotions

PaddyPower: Money as free bet if Liverpool win Man United

PaddyPower: Money as free bet if Liverpool win Man United

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PaddyPower: Money Back as a Free Bet if Harry Kane scores against Chelsea

PaddyPower: Money Back as a Free Bet if Harry Kane scores against Chelsea

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PaddyPower: Money Back as a Free Bet if England wins Croatia

PaddyPower: Money Back as a Free Bet if England wins Croatia

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Paddy Power news

frequently asked questions

Can I deposit funds into my account via one of your shops?

You can deposit cash in any of our shops across Ireland and the UK – just bring your cash to the desk and quote your username or account number to the cashier. They will process your deposit and the funds will be in your account straight away. You can withdraw cash from your Paddy Power account in any of our shops in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland. To do this you will need a Paddy Power cash card which will also require you to display photo identification.

What is a Paddy Power Cash Card PPlus?

With a PaddyPower Cash Card PPlus you can:

Purchase items in shops using your PP balance (e.g. Tesco)
Purchase items online using your PP balance (e.g. Amazon)
Withdraw money from your PP balance using ATM’s

Can I use a business card on my Paddy Power account

Unfortunately Paddy Power does not accept business cards. This policy applies for both personal and company cards. If it comes to our attention that you have used a business card, Paddy Power reserves the right to void any bets placed. Please ensure that all cards used are in your own name only.

Are my winnings safe with Paddy Power?

Sufficient funds are retained by Paddy Power in segregated accounts held with highly-rated banks, separate from our operating accounts, to ensure that there is always enough money for customers to withdraw from their Paddy Power balances – even in the highly unlikely event of the insolvency of the company. These accounts are audited independently by internal and external audit teams, and balances are monitored regularly by the relevant regulatory authorities

How is my Each Way Bet Calculated?

So, your horse has romped home (or just crept into the places) and you want to know how much you have won after placing an Each Way bet. The each way aspect of a bet indicates that you are betting on two different outcomes such as a horse winning or just placing top three – see the example below which explains how a bet of this kind works in detail.


You have backed Red Rum for £5 Each Way at a price of 20/1. The each way terms of the race are six places at a fifth of the odds. He romps home to win so you will be paid as follows:

Win: £5 at 20/1 pays £105 (£5 x 20 = £100 plus your £5 stake back).

Place: A fifth of 20/1 is 4/1 (20 divided by 5) so the place part of the bet is paid as £5 at 4/1 = £25 (£5 x 4 = £20 plus your £5 stake back).

Total Returns: WIN plus PLACE = £105 plus £25 = £130.

If your horse finished 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th then you just get the place returns of £25, while the win part of your bet is lost.

How Do Free Bets Work?

Free bets are bonuses that you can use to place a bet in part or full, up to the total value of the free bet bonus you have been awarded. If you are unsure which market and bets you need to select to make use of your sports free bets, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of your free bet.

What does "odds of 1/2 or greater" mean?

This refers to the odds of your chosen selection. If the odds are less than 1/2 (1.5 in decimals), your bet will not qualify for a free bet.

An easy way to test if your bet will qualify for a free bet is to check the potential returns for a £1 stake. If the potential returns are £1.50 or greater, your bet will qualify.


Odds Return for £1 Stake Does my bet qualify?
3/1 £4 Yes
6/1 £7 Yes
9/1 £10 Yes
100/1 £101 Yes
7/2 £4.50 Yes
6/4 £2.50 Yes
8/13 £1.62 Yes
2/5 £1.40 No
4/11 £1.36 No
1/100 £1.01 No

I've Forgotten my Password or Username

If you have forgotten your Username or password, you can recover them from the Paddy Power website.

How do I Recover my Username?

Step 1. At the top of your screen, underneath the section you use to login, you will see a line reading Forgot your username/password? Click on the word ‘username’.

Step 2. A pop-up screen will appear asking you to enter your email address. Enter your email to receive a username reminder.

How long do card withdrawals take?

Generally, card withdrawals take 2-3 working days to reach your account. Please note that, due to bank processing times, withdrawals can take 5 working days to reach your account.

Can I set deposit limits on my Paddy Power account?

Yes you can do this, here is how to set a Deposit Limit

Step 1. From the top right of the page select ‘My Account’ and then ‘My Account’ from the drop down.
Step 2. Select ‘Responsible Gambling’ on the navigation bar.
Step 3. Select ‘Edit’ next to the deposit limit header, and then choose the period and amount you would like to apply.
Step 4. Once you are happy with your settings, enter your password and select ‘Save changes’ to confirm the settings.

N.B. When you change your deposit limits, these will not change immediately if you are increasing them as it takes 7 days for a new increased limit to come into effect.

How easy to the eye is the Paddy Power website?

In our orginal review of the Paddy Power site we actually gave the site a middling review, the interface was quite old fashioned and adding multiples and combination bets was very difficult. Well fast forward to 2018 and this has changed.

The layout and color scheme still leave a little bit to be desired but big improvements have been made from the navigation side. When you reach the home page now, you have five options which help you get to a section quickly, these are:

Next Races
Top Football
Top Sports

Of course it focuses on the two main sports for Paddy Power which are Football and Horse Racing and we think punters will love the new racecard interface which shows the next 3 races in a large clear format.

Like other sportsbooks it now has the left side menu which contains all other sports and these can be reached easily. In addition to the easier navigation they have added the help, betslip and cash out links at the top of the page. These were not visible in the old version.

The site uses both fractional and decimal odds and these can be changed at the bottom of the left side menu.

Does Paddy Power offer competitive odds or the best odds in a certain sport?

With all the advertising and promotional branding they do, you would think they may be the best in terms of odds but this is not the case. We are not saying they are not competitive as you can see below.

The overall betting margin they work to across all sports is 4.6% with football being 4.7% and the American sports Basketball at 4.4%,Baseball at 4.4% and American football at 4.1% being very competitive.

Now where you really want to follow Paddy Power is on the big horse racing meetings like Cheltenham, Aintree and Punchestown, this is where they are very aggressive. Here is where you can get some real value, both in odds, and the place terms for the big field handicaps.

How good is the market coverage and selection of bets on Paddy Power?

One of the more innovative bets are the #WhatOddsPaddy request a bet style offers. Each game has numerous offers and they range from under 10/1 to over 100/1 so there is an offer for everybody.

The market coverage on football is strong and you will usually find more than 100 individual market offers on football matches at the weekend in the major leagues across Europe.

In terms of bets Paddy Power are always coming up with new bets and their latest 2-0 up payout offer on football is excellent.

They of course cover all the normal bet types you would expect like Yankee’s Lucky 15’s, Heinz’s and Goliaths and you can also bet directly into the Tote on all horse racing in the UK and Ireland.

How good is In Play betting on Paddy Power?

The inplay interface has improved a lot but there are a still a few things that could be improved. That said, it is now very easy to get to In-play as it is listed on the home page and at the very top of the left hand menu.

Once you click through to the page, you have a set of icons at the top showing each sport and how many events are live for that particular sport. Go one step further and open all the markets for the event which are available in a nicely laid out accordion drop down menu that opens and closes on a single click.

The speed of the price changes has improved from the old version, presumably as they are likely to be using the same technology as partner company Betfair.

They could improve the colour scheme by not having such small titles for the events under each sport and just having this as black text on a grey background. Would be clearer with white on the Paddy Power dark green.

All in all a solid interface for In-play punters.

What selection of bonuses and re-occuring promotions does Paddy Power have?

Paddy Power are always coming up with some really whacky bonuses and offers across all sports. Here are just a few of the weekly promos:

– Paddy Rewards Club, Opt in and get a free 10 bet every week, when you place 5x bets of 10+ across any sport, Monday – Sunday.

– 2 Goals Up, this is a cracking bonus offer. Your bet will be paid out in full if your team is winning by 2 goals at any stage in the match regardless if your selection goes on to draw or lose the game.

– The Hotshot Jackpot, requires each participant to select 1 player to score the first goal in 6 selected matches. Win £100,000 just by taking part.

Paddy Power also have a weekly first goalscorer money back special and also a beat the trainer horse racing money back special.

A range of different offers are available each week so make sure to keep an eye on the Paddy Power website.

How easy is it to deposit and withdraw funds with an Paddy Power account?

Making payments is easy and withdrawing funds is even easier. Paddy Power have their very own card which can be used to withdraw funds from your account using an ATM.

In terms of deposit options, a player can add funds to his/her account using:

Debit/Credit Card
Bank Transfer
Cash Card
Cash Card PPlus

All Paddy Power payment processing is highly encrypted to protect your payment and personal information details.

How friendly and fast is the Paddy Power customer service and live chat service?

One of the best chat and customer service operations in the industry. Of course Live Chat is great but many punters will love the fact they can make a telephone calland actually speak to somebody about their bet queries and questions.

Can you trust Paddy Power?

Paddy Power has been in business for many years and only recently joined forces with Betfair to create an even more comprehensive exchange and online sportsbook. Both companies are highly regulated and adhere to stringent licensing standrads.

About Paddy Power

General Information

For ongoing promotions and special offers then Paddy Power are in a class of their own, providing numerous money-back and free bet specials. Perhaps the best thing about these offers is that they change daily and new offers are regularly added so it always feels fresh and relevant, while there is no hassle in navigating the site – once you get the hang of it. Paddy Power increased its share of the Irish betting market (off-course) from 8% in 1988 to 33% by 2001. To raise money for a UK expansion, Paddy was listed in December 2000 on the London Stock Exchange. The firm opened their first shop in the UK in 2002 and by 2014 they had 250 shops in the UK – more than in their native Ireland. Paddy Power launched their E-gaming series in 2004 via the and platforms, following that up just 12 months later with Now expanded fully into Australia, France and Canada, they were the first online bookmaker to have a gambling app in Apple’s app store and by May 2013 the app had been downloaded over 1 million times and makes up a large percentage of all bets placed with the company.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Both in and out transactions are run fast and smoothly at Paddy Power. Every deposit method is available, and there are lots of helpful videos on the site as well as a very good FAQ section that guides you through the process. To make a withdrawal from you Paddy Power account via debit card, you simply log in and click on “My Account” then “Withdraw.” Then just confirm your debit card details and enter your Withdrawal Amount and password. Withdrawals to debit cards can take between two and three working days to be processed but they can take up to five on occasion as it takes time for the bank to process the transaction at both ends.

Customer Service

The help and support section is very easy to navigate and it is very simple to self-serve to get the answers you need. If you need to speak (or type) to a person then we have found it was always quick and easy to either speak on the telephone or start a live chat, but the option to send an email or letter are available.

License Information

For customers in the UK, PaddyPower licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission.


Paddy Power betting experience

Odds format & betting margin

Offered in easy to read UK and European formats, the odds at Paddy Power are simple to find, while their overall betting margin hovers around a reasonably low 4.6% when eschewing all the offers. The minimum stake allowed is just 10p, while the maximum fluctuates somewhat based on both the sport book chosen and the type of bet placed.

Betting limits

The only limit comes with a maximum £500,000 per bet for soccer, with no exceptions granted.

Types of bets

Paddy Power are one of the innovators when it comes to types of bets. You can have a straightforward win or each way single. You can place multiples and combination bets. And now they have teamed up with Betfair, customers now have exchange betting as well. But it does not stop there. Paddy Power offer tote betting including placepots, quadpots, trifectas and exactas.

Sport coverage

Paddy Power have a huge selection of fifty one different sports and speciality markets to place a bet on.

In-play experience

Paddy Power offers vast selection on in-play markets on moss popular sports: football, tennis, cricket and basketball.

Live streaming

Paddy Power’s “Watch Live” allows you to watch selected races which you have placed a bet on. To watch a particular race you need to bet £€1.00 or £€0.50 each way on a selection in the Win or Each Way market.

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General Information:

Website URL:

Founded: 1988

Supported platforms: apple windows android

Products: Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo, Poker, Lotteries


Customer service:

Customer service hours: 24/7/365

Telephone number: 08000 565 275

Live Chat: Available 24/7

Address: Power Tower Blocks 1-3 Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4