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  • Free Training - Sporting Index provide a great set of training tools for people new to spread betting
  • Penny Stakes - You can place trades at just 0.01 (one penny per tick)
  • Mobile App - Sporting Index have a great mobile app on Google Play and the App Store for Apple users
  • Sporting Index only caters for people trading on spread betting and not on standard sports betting.

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About SportingIndex

General Information

Sporting Index is without a doubt the global leader in its sector, being the pioneer of sports spread betting and providing one of the most thrilling sports betting experience online today.

Founded in 1992, with just five members of staff and 50 clients in the UK. It has been at the forefront of the sports betting industry ever since.

Sporting Index’s betting offer is still unique today even in the face of a fiercely competitive online betting market with its’ bonus and odds wars.

The company offers spread bets on a wide variety of sports, political and showbiz events. They allow bets to be placed 24/7/365 via their mobile phone apps, websites and a voice telephony service.

As a leader in the UK sports betting market, they are authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

What is spread betting?
Spread betting on sport has been around for over a quarter of a century, even longer than betting exchanges like Betfair and Betdaq.

It can be traced back to the pits within the foreign exchange markerts when traders would buy and sell currencies, equities or commodities.

The site therefore uses much of the same jargon, such as “buy” and “sell” or “long” and “short”. Instead of trading markets based on underlying financial assets, Sporting Index make markets on the outcomes of a huge range of sporting events. It is like being a stock trader but using your knowledge of sports.

So while a trader in the financial markets trades the FTSE index or the price of gold, Sporting Index traders may trade on the number of corners in a football match or the number of runs a batsman will score in a cricket innings.

Even if you have never tried this type of betting before, Sporting Index have an excellent range of training on their site and have a minimum stake of just one penny.

The site itself is very modern and very easy to navigate and use. For sports bettors who want to back their judgement, but with a cap on how much they can lose, then spread betting offers this.

Deposit & Withdrawals

The deposit options at Sporting Index include Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller. These same options are available for withdrawal as well.

Deposits are immediate for card transactions and e-wallets, Withdrawals take 3-5 days when using a card and are immediate when withdrawing using e-wallets.

Customer Service

Live chat

[email protected]

From the UK call this freephone number 08000 96 96 07
From overseas the number to use is +44 20 7840 4050

Social Media
Please feel free to Tweet @AskSPIN

Sporting Index Ltd,
Gateway House,
Milverton Street,
SE11 4AP,
United Kingdom.

License Information

Sporting Index Ltd is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by the Gambling Commission under licence number 27343.
In relation to spread betting Sporting Index Ltd is authorised and regulated in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority registration number 150404.

SportingIndex betting experience

Odds format & betting margin

As a trading site Sporting Index do not work in a traditional odds format but by something called ticks. To bet high (buy) a trade that the result will be higher than the current market price. The opposite of low (sell). the result will be lower than the current market price.

Betting limits

The maximum pay-out to any individual client in any 24-hour period is £1,000,000 (one million pounds sterling). This maximum win applies regardless of your stake.

The maximum pay-out per individual game/event to any individual client in a 24-hour period is £50,000 (fifty thousand pounds sterling).

Please be aware that to reach the total daily limit you would need to make twenty successful trades with profit of £50,000.

The very interesting thing with Sporting Index is that you can place a trade with a minimum stake per tick of just 0.01 (one penny)

Types of bets

Sporting Index provide a trading platform so do not offer standard betting types. You are basically betting on a result to be higher or lower than the spread which is quoted.

As an example a “corners” spread could be 12 – 14 on a football match. You would either be betting on less than 12 or more than 14 corners.

Sport coverage

Sporting Index currently have sixteen different sports that you can place a trade on.

In-play experience

The Sporting Index live offer includes in-play and events coming soon. Because this is a trading platform, the interface is simple, clean and very simple to use.

Live streaming

Sporting Index does not currently supply live streaming of events.

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General Information:

Website URL:

Founded: 1992

Supported platforms: apple windows android

Products: Sports, Live Casino, Casino and Games

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Customer service:

Customer service hours: 24 hours per day

Telephone number: +44 20 7840 4050

Live Chat: Available