Sugary odds from your favorite bookmakers for the next Tory leader

8 June 2019

The Brexit was a calamity for Theresa May with the gladiatorial politician packing out of Downing Street. With May resigning, there comes a vacuum at the leadership of the Tory party. Who would be the next Tory leader? For sure, the incoming Tory leader has a hefty Brexit controversy to take care of on his/her table.

Leading the pack is the hard-talking Boris Johnson; the UK equivalent of America’s Donald Trump. There are approximately eleven MPs ready to dig it out for the highly coveted position. Of late, Kit Malthouse and of late signed out of the race.

Many are holding out for a hard Brexiteer Prime Minister who would aggressively pull the UK out of the European matrimony with no deal or alimony.  On the other side, some are hoping for a moderate leader who would pull things out smoothly with the most masterful diplomacy without ruffling too many feathers and casualties.

The likes of Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Rehab, Michael Gove, and Sajid Javid are all screaming that they have got what it takes to lead the Conservative Party. Who would emerge the next Tory leader?

Here are some sugary odds from your favorite bookmakers for the next Tory leader:

Ladbrokes: 1/2 for Boris Johnson to be the next Tory leader

BetVictor: 7/1 for Jeremy Hunt to be the next Tory leader

Betfair: 10/1 for Andrea Leadsom to be the next Tory leader

PaddyPower: 33/1 for Dominic Raab to be the next Tory leader

Betway: 25/1 for Rory Stewart to be the next Tory leader

William Hill: 40/1 for Sajid Javid to be the next Tory leader











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