Updated: April 2023

Premier Leads Affiliate Network Review: How it works and why is it Good?

30 March 2023

Premier Leads: a Global Affiliate Network

Finding affiliate partners or programs often resembles gold panning: you’ll see plenty of sand and dirt to get to something with actual value. Premier Leads intends to drastically change this process by providing a platform where the selected few from the worlds of both affiliates and advertisers can pair to extract mutual benefit.

Premier Leads Overview

Launched 2018
Specialization iGaming (online casinos, poker, lottery, sports betting)
Link to access the official website https://www.premierleads.io/
Headquarters Sliema (Malta)
Types of deals CPA (cost per acquisition), revenue share, and hybrid
Primary Goal Nurture a synergetic environment, where top-performing brands and high-quality content creators can thrive

Historical Path and Accomplishments

The veterans of the online gaming industry decided to put their brilliant minds to design a community of the best iGaming brands and the most prominent publishers. Reminiscing their accumulated experience since 2006, they concluded that, if they want this network to succeed, they should adhere to the following principles:

  • Only those who match the company’s high standards can be eligible to apply.
  • Every party involved, regardless of whether it is a brand, an affiliate, or a platform, should contribute to the common cause.
  • Trust is the foundation of the relationships between the participants, and it should never be broken.
  • The deals should be mutually beneficial, unprecedentedly rewarding, convenient, and safe for everyone.

Since then, Premier Affiliates has been in business where it demonstrates impressive results. Just take a look at these statistics:

  • The platform brought together more than 150 advertisers and 10 000 affiliates.
  • The revenue that these deals generated surpassed 50 million dollars.
  • No one is left out or on their own: more than 140 000 first-time deposits every month indicate that the Premier Leads’ model works, and there are over 500 employees in the company to smoothly guide you through any turbulence.

Premier Leads’ Unique Features

The whole premise of the platform is ordinary: it creates a safe space for brands and affiliates to find each other. As a result, the first get new customers, and the latter get remuneration for their marketing services. Yet, the endgame here is significantly more flourishing because Premier Leads is an affiliate network that brings both money and integrity to the gaming tables.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Clearly, Premier Affiliates draws inspiration from the words of Norman Vincent Peale: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. Their goal is ambitious, to say the least. They want to become the largest source of high-value premier leads, an Amazon, but in the sphere of iGaming affiliate marketing.


To become iGaming’s leading destination for premier leads.

Of course, accomplishing a task as challenging as this takes a village. That’s why Premier Leads is an advocate of another popular saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

The platform endeavors to replace a traditional individualistic structure with the newly emerged concept of a networking ecosystem where all participants (advertisers, affiliates, and company employees alike) play their unique parts to create a synergetic community that benefits all.


Built an ecosystem that empowers renowned brands and skilled publishers to achieve their most aspiring goals.

Yet, the site’s developers understand that if you long to score the most profitable deals, you have to be competent enough to keep your side of the bargain. Hence, they are strongly devoted to prioritizing quality instead of quantity when it comes to the applicants’ selection process.

This means no compromises: only the crème de la crème can join this alliance. The ideal candidate should be:

  • open to new ideas and discussions;
  • purpose-driven and determined to strive for the best instead of settling for mediocrity;
  • an honest team player with the resources to contribute to the partnership.

Unfortunately, the gaming industry is historically notorious for its criminal methods and shady aura. Indeed, many participants in these activities have tricks up their sleeves, and not all of them are harmless. But Premier Leads is determined to bring fair play back into the game.

Either in personal or business relationships, trust breeds prosperity. However, cultivating it is a demanding task. Premier Affiliates sticks to the tools that are simple, yet effective:

  • a careful and thorough selection of potential members;
  • contemporary solutions that allow it to filter applicants or participants with malicious intent.

Thus, the company manages to establish a deep, lasting, and fulfilling connection between content creators, advertisers, and platform specialists.


  • Honesty, loyalty, and trust;
  • Determination, creativity, and resourcefulness;
  • Open-minded and cooperative attitude.

Rates & Deals

The requirements for the participants from both sides are high, but the reward is substantial as well. Premier Affiliates makes a solemn promise to provide impeccable services for those who pass the test and become part of their network. For instance, you can expect:

  • One of the most competitive rates. Their preferred type of deal is CPA, but you can request a revenue share or a hybrid model as well.
  • Fast, convenient, and secure payouts. The platform guarantees weekly payouts, and you can withdraw them via any payment method that fits your current situation (even if you need a cryptocurrency transfer). Trusted partners and affiliates can be eligible for credit financing or prepayments.
  • Reputable brands. The company aims to unite under its umbrella all the major global operators. Promoting such notable names will be an honor, not a burden.
  • The organic and consistent flow of high-quality traffic. Here you can access the most strategically profitable geographical regions with the help of local affiliate marketing teams and exclusive deals.
  • Approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced support. The first team of experts assists you in resolving disputes or technical issues. Another one is working on culling the herd to separate the most promising and effective advertisers/publishers from scammers, frauds, or those who simply are not up to the task.

Platform’s Success Formula

Premier Advertisers + Premier Affiliates + Premier Support = Premier Leads & Profits

Constant Evolution

Some might call it a utopia. Still, when you choose evolution over revolution, the development is gradual and changes don’t happen overnight. But Premier Leads is dedicated to continuously implementing new features and advanced capabilities to create the most nurturing and inspiring atmosphere for its participants.

For now, both parties can enjoy a variety of pleasant perks and helpful instruments, including:

Brands Publishers
The organic flow of prospective clients Access to exclusive deals
Opportunity to scale Weekly payouts and prepayments
Effective account management High commission rates*
Priority exposure in the company’s network Prompt & qualified support team**
Weekly payouts to affiliate before advertiser pays

* In-house media buying team tests potential advertisers to see how well they perform.

** You will have a personal affiliate manager. Plus, the support is available 24/7, and it takes no more than 3 hours to address any technical issue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Premier Leads is not for those who are afraid of commitment. But if you have been searching for a safe space with lucrative deals, high-quality organic traffic, and competitive rates, this is your spot. However, you should be willing to invest your resources, time, dedication, and trust into this partnership in return.