Unibet fantastic Money-back bets on the Australian Open

4 January 2019

Sure we are all enjoying the Australian Open. Few tennis tournaments can give us an equivalent volume of bursting thrill. Yes, the games in this mega tournament with millions of eyeballs glaring over the players come with big pressure –, especially on the players.

Unfortunately some could succumb to this pressure of the Grand Slam. How bad it could feel say your player blows up a two-set lead at this year’s Australian Open. It is even worse when you have placed a bet on the player and the match.

Hooray, worry no more! Unibet will refund your bet if your player loses a two-set lead at this year’s Australian Open, compensating you with up to €100. So how does this work? Simple!

1. Log in to your Unibet account and navigate to the market section for the Australian Open.

2. Select your player and stake your bet on a particular match.

3. If your chosen player (or players as the case may be) is 2 sets up and loses the game, Unibet will refund you.

4. The refund offer is valid for pre-match bets placed between €5 and €100.

5. Bets above €100 will not be refunded.

6. This offer expires by 28th January

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