PaddyPower: Roman Abramovich Specials as UK Visa saga looms

PaddyPower: Roman Abramovich Specials as UK Visa saga looms

Things have not been all smooth between Russia and Britain following the Skripals poisoning catastrophe that riveted the international community. The diplomatic tensions between England and Russia is swallowing more big causalities. And another big name that has been dragged into the anomaly is Chelsea’s billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

Aside from the uncertainty that surrounds who would be Chelsea’s coach next season, another cloud of uncertainty is fast forming over who would be in the ownership of Chelsea come next season. The handwriting started scribbling on the wall when Abramovich couldn’t make the Chelsea Vs ManChester United FA Cup finals owing to his UK visa renewal delay.

In an increasingly tense affair between the Russian Oligarch seemingly targeted for his affiliation with Vladimir Putin, Abramovich had been struggling with British authorities for his visa renewal.

And promptly Abramovich is swinging his own punch, shocking the world to the announcement of an unanticipated suspension to the Stamford Bridge stadium £1bn expansion project. In addition, he has withdrawn his UK visa application.

Such strings of defiance from the infamously spontaneous Chelsea owner has doused the air with fears that even Chelsea would be up for sale before the next season. And the bookmakers are already peppering the incidence with attractive odds.

Paddypower leads the pack offering a stretch of odds over the Roman Abramovich UK Visa saga. According to spokesman Paddy Power: “It seems like Abramovich has had enough of the UK and has taken his ball in by halting developments at Stamford Bridge. Like a big, rich baby.


“The odds have plummeted on him to sell Chelsea altogether in the last couple of weeks, and they continue to drop as the story unfolds.”

Let us look at the Roman Abramovich Specials shouldn’t we?




6/4 – To sell Chelsea during next season

9/4 – To never renew his UK visa

3/1 – To sell Chelsea before Christmas

7/1 – To sell before next season begins

8/1 – Chelsea to be relegated within the next three seasons

25/1 – Chelsea to declare bankruptcy during the 2018/19 season

66/1 – Chelsea to be relegated next season

80/1 Chelsea not to develop Stamford Bridge for the next 50 years

125/1 Ken Bates to re-purchase the club





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