Updated: May 2019

Exciting Neymar Summer Transfer odds

19 May 2019

Neymar’s historic transfer from Barcelona to PSG was as memorable as it was controversial. The ex-Barcelona crown prince at that time voiced his ambition to step outside of the overwhelming shadow of the extraterrestrial genius of Lionel Messi .

With PSG hunting for the missing piece for their Champions League ambition, the French giants drilled deeper into their Arabian oil wells and shelled out a mindblowing 220 million euros to snatch Neymar off the claws of Barcelona in one of the most humbling and demeaning humiliations the Catalans have ever suffered in the transfer market.

Fast forward to this moment, things have not been as romantic as we would have expected from the PSG-Neymar love story. Two seasons with PSG and Neymar is yet to pilot the French giants into even the semifinals of the Champions League.

Top soccer stars have labeled the Neymar PSG move an epic mistake. For a super talent like Neymar not to be nominated among the top five best footballers last year (and likely this year) shows a regrettable retrogression in his career.

In light of having taken a step back in his career, would you be expecting Neymar to retrace his steps and leave PSG back to the summits of European football?

This summer window presents that opportunity. Do you expect Neymar to leave PSG this summer?

Here are some exciting Neymar transfer odds from your favorite bookmaker BetVictor:

BetVictor: 2/1 for Neymar to go to Spain

BetVictor: 4/1 for Neymar to go to England

BetVictor: 8/1 for Neymar to go to China

BetVictor: 8/1 for Neymar to go to MLS

BetVictor: 14/1 for Neymar to go to Italy

BetVictor: 16/1 for Neymar to go to Germany






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