Salivatory Odds for Next Juventus Manager

3 June 2019

When Juventus bought Cristiano Ronaldo, it was crystal clear that they were no longer shy to bellow their European ambition. Ultimately, for a team that has won a series of Seria A trophies, it was obvious to them that the Champions League was the next destination. Ronaldo was hailed as an epic coup, the missing piece in the puzzle for Juventus to clinch the coveted Champions League trophy.

Of course Ronaldo delivered commendably. Popping up with vital goals at vital moments, Allegri always had the extraterrestrial genius of Ronaldo to pull him out. Notably was Ronaldo singlehandedly rescued Juventus from a first leg 2-0 thumping against Atletico with a delectable resounding hat trick. But even gods don’t win all wars.

It was only a ticking time bomb for Juventus to eventually break down as the costly rickety machine crawled painfully along. An epic disgrace was lavished on Juventus when they were knocked out from the Champions League by minnows Ajax. A rebellious Ajax ensured that the superpowers of Ronaldo were inadequate to save Juventus from a well-deserved long standing defeat.

The Juventus hierarchy couldn’t bear the disgrace. With the Argentine genius Dybala rotting on the bench sacrificed for Allegri’s characteristic pragmatism, it was clear Allegri wouldn’t survive the storm.

For sure the axe fell on Allegri neck, and he was sacked. With Juventus ambitiously looking at Champions League next season. Who would lead them to the yearned European glory? With Antonio Conte,a top class coach  assuming the reins at Inter  Milan, it is understood that next season wouldn’t be an easy pizza ride for Juventus?

Sarri, Pochettino, Jose Mourinho, Laurent Blanc, or Roberto Martinez, Erik Ten Hag? Juventus is not short of options.

Here are some handsome odds for the next manager of Juventus:

William Hills: 11/1 for Mauricio Pochettino for to be next Juventus manager

William Hills: 1/4 for Maurizio Sarri for to be next Juventus manager

William Hills: 11/4 for Pep Guardiola for to be next Juventus manager

 Bet365: 33/1 for Diego Simeone for to be next Juventus manager

Betfair: 40/1 for Carlo Ancelotti for be to next Juventus manager

Sky bet: 40/1 for Rafael Benitez  to be next Juventus manager




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