Updated: October 2019

Goalscorer Betting Markets

27 June 2019

There are several betting markets when it comes to football, and some of the more interesting and which are ever growing in popularity are the goalscorer markets.

Goalscorer Betting Markets

It gives bettors with less knowledge of the sport a chance to win by only having to concentrate on player goal scoring stats instead of team performance and other statistics that most people need to study before placing a bet.

What are Goalscorer Betting Markets?

Goalscorer betting markets are available for those bettors who want to place a bet on which player will score a goal, or more than one goal, in a football match.

There are several different markets available, which are:

Anytime Goalscorer

The anytime goalscorer market is where you select a player who you think will score a goal any time during the duration of a football match, up until the final whistle. This market generally doesn’t include extra-time or penalty shoot outs in tournament matches.

You will win your bet if your chosen player scores a goal, that is officially awarded to them, at anytime during the match. If you place your bet and the player you chose does not take part, you will usually receive your stake money back.

As expected for a market such as this, the betting odds are rather short when backing a player who is in good goal scoring form or a teams top scorer. However, it can provide a decent profit if you can become successful at betting on this market.

Some bookmakers will offer a combined bet of anytime scorer and team to win, which will usually boost the odds considerably.



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First Goalscorer

The clue is in the name here as this market requires you to correctly predict the player who will score the first goal in a football match.

Odds for this market usually range from between around 5/1 for in-form goalscorers and strikers up to over 66/1 for defenders and players who rarely get on the score sheet. There is also an option for “No Goalscorer” if you believe there’s a chance of the game finishing 0-0.

How to bet on goalscorer

If the player you selected scores the first goal in the match, as officially recognised, your bet will be successful. It’s worth shopping around when it comes to first goalscorer betting as some bookmakers may offer money back offers if your selected player scores the second goal in a match.

Last Goalscorer

Similar to the first goalscorer market, and with odds that are usually the same in both, the last goalscorer market is where bettors place a bet on which player they think will score the last goal of a match.

If your selected player scores the last goal in a match, your bet will be a winner. Again, there will be the option of no goalscorer.

It can be incredibly profitable if a game finishes 1-0 and you bet on the same player to score first and last but the chances of this happening are pretty slim.

Multi Scorers

This market is for those bettors who believe a player will score more than a single goal in a match, with options for 2+ and 3+ usually available.

Worth checking out if a player is in red-hot goalscoring form and if a top team is playing a lesser team who concede a lot, as prices can be very good. You may get between around 6/1and 12/1 for even an in-form player to net twice, with odds between 33/1 and 100/1 regularly available for a player to score a hat-trick.

Obviously, the standard of opposition will dictate the size of the odds but an analytical approach and knowledge of the game will help you if you want to bet on this market.

Both Players to Score

A market which gives you two pre-selected players, at pre-set odds, and bettors can choose to wager on both of these players scoring in the same match.

It’s a pretty difficult market to be successful on but in matches with two in-form strikers, and defences who concede regularly, it can provide bettors with a decent profit.


  • Odds quality
  • Market coverage and selection of bets
  • Betting limits on that sport
  • Live streaming
  • Sport specific bonuses and promotions



  • Website quality and usability
  • How easy is to deposit and withdraw funds?
  • How good the customer service is
  • Can you trust this bookmaker?
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