Guaranteed Best Odds

What is a Guaranteed Best Odds Promotion?

Older gamblers will know how frustrating it is to have taken the odds when placing a bet, only for their selection to win at much longer odds, or to have not taken the odds and seen their selection backed in to a much shorter price.

It caused a lot of internal angst when placing a bet and led to many people kicking themselves at taking or not taking the odds offered.

Nowadays, that isn’t such a problem.

Many bookmakers offer guaranteed best odds on several markets, which means sports betting punters no longer have to decide whether to take the odds or not when placing a bet.

A guaranteed best odds promotion will ensure that customers will receive the best price possible on winning selections.

This promotion is usually used mostly in horse or greyhound racing, when the odds can fluctuate in between the time a bet is placed and the time a race starts. Guaranteed best odds negate the need for customers to make the choice between taking an early price or leaving it to the SP (starting price), with every winning bet being paid at the best odds of the two.

For example, let’s say someone places a bet on a horse in the morning at odds of 6/1 (7.00) for a horse that’s running that afternoon. The selection receives a lot of market support throughout the day and starts the race at odds of 2/1 (3.00).

The customer didn’t take the early price, so would be left with the SP which is much shorter odds than when the bet was placed. With best odds guaranteed, the customer would be given the 6/1 (7.00) that the selection was priced at when the bet was placed as that is the best odds between the two.

It works the other way as well. If the market had been negative towards the selection, the odds may well have drifted out to say 10/1 (11.00). If the selection won or finished in the places in an each-way bet, any winnings would be paid based on the longer odds of 10/1 (11.00).

Advantages of Guaranteed Best Odds Promotions

The main advantage of a guaranteed best odds promotion is the fact that a customer doesn’t need to make the choice between taking the odds of a selection when they place the bet or leaving it to chance and seeing what the SP is.

Best odds guaranteed ensure that customers who like to place their bets early, maybe in their tea break at work or on their daily commute, will receive the highest possible profit if their selection wins. They will not lose out on potential returns just because they were unable to keep track of odds fluctuations and pick the best moment to place their bet.

Another big advantage of opting in to guaranteed best odds promotions is that customers no longer have to search the internet, and several different betting sites, to find the best price available for a certain bet.

They are guaranteed the best odds, so they can just place their bet safely in the knowledge that they wouldn’t have been able to win more by betting with a different company.

Obviously, this type of promotion is not available for fixed odds betting, such as certain football markets, so will not be useful to everyone. However, a site offering guaranteed best odds to horse racing punters are a complete godsend.

Sites That Offer Guaranteed Best Odds

Most sports betting sites will offer guaranteed best odds on most horse racing or greyhound racing markets, but it would be wise to check on the promotions page of your favourite site to make sure.

SkyBet, Paddy Power, Betfred, Stan James, Coral, Bet Victor, and William Hill are just some of the more well-known betting sites that offer best odds guaranteed on all of their daily UK and Irish horse racing markets.

You can visit these sites to find out more about their best odds guaranteed promotions, which markets are included and to read any terms & conditions which may apply.

Also, we regularly update our site with the latest information regarding all betting promotions. So, visiting us on a regular basis will keep you informed of the latest and best promotions out there.

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