Updated: January 2019

Must Tottenham really sign players to compete for the league?

3 January 2019

This transfer window has been a hurricane of flying pound notes. Money has been flying everywhere as teams energetically and ambitiously reload their barrels for the exchange of fire in the upcoming season. Lips were carved open for in shock when PSG pulled out €220 from their Arabian coffers to snatch Neymar away from the endearing grip of the Camp Nou.

Back to the Premier League, teams are strengthening up as the fierceness of the new season envelopes. The battle for the Premier League sees up to seven teams in the boxing ring hoping to knock each other out. Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and even Everton all have a traditional claim to the title.

It is said money can not get you anything but it can get you the premier league trophy at least. This vindicates why bullion vans are being driven up and down the transfer windows as heavy money transfers are executed. Man City particularly mean business as Guardiola has spent over £200m this summer in a defensive reinvigoration of his squad. Even Arsene Wenger, England’s chief economist has brought out his rarely seen purse and bought Lacazette in club record transfer. Mourinho has brought in Lindelof, Matic and Lukaku spending over £130m. Chelsea have brought in Antonio Rudiger, Babakyako, the mega Morata, all big money moves. Liverpool is not behind the spending pack as it also broke a club record to bring in Mohammed Salah from Roma.

The list is exhaustive as it shows the show the altitude to which clubs see the importance of reinforcement.  After Chelsea slipped from champions to 10th and Leicester from champions to fighting relegation, it is clear it is such an elusive dream to think success is guaranteed in the premier league when you are stale with no significant strengthening and player addition.

In all this spending frenzy, someone is not spending. Tottenham so far has yet to make a notable addition to their squad! This is baffling considering how its rivals have been running down the transfer market with hefty money bags. Tottenham fans watch Pochettino and chairman Lewy with hands gripping their hearts in fear as August 31 fast approaches and the window closes. Even an insider Danny Rose has voiced his resentment urging Tottenham to sign big names and not some fragile budding youngsters he will have to Google before he knows them.

Granted Tottenham finished second last season. But they are not as strong as before as they have let Kyle Walker walk to Man City with no major replacement. They are also moving their home to the demanding Wembley. Thus Tottenham shouldn’t be comfortable sipping coffee indoors while rivals sweat it outside buying players. But the big question is: Must Tottenham really sign players to compete for the league?

On a calmer inspection, you see that they have one of the best and stable squads in England. Harry Kane, Wayama, Dele Alli, Eric Dier are some of the best the league can offer and Tottenham has managed to retain the core of its players ensuring continuity and stability. Lamela is coming back, and it would be rash to write off Sissoko after an impressive preseason. All this shows that Tottenham must not spend big just because their rivals are spending heavily.

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