About BookmakerAdvisor

About BookmakerAdvisor

This is BookmakerAdvisor. We are a website that helps you look for the best bookmakers and the biggest betting odds on the Internet.

BookmakerAdvisor has been in the sports betting industry for many years helping punters to get the highest odds and giving them genuine bookmakers to place their bets.

BookmakerAdvisor started in 2011 with the ambition of becoming a well-reputed website for people to get quality information on bookmakers and betting odds. Diligence and reliability has brought us thus far.

Although it began with one person, it has now grown to be run by a team of rigorously selected experts. This specialist team offer their skill and service to making BookmakerAdvisor what it is today.

How We Work

Successful bettors are well informed and experienced hence they make more intelligent and less impulsive decisions. We want you to be profitable in your betting endeavors. This inspires us to create content which makes our readers wiser when making their betting decisions.

We list the top-rated betting sites for punters to place their bets while giving our audience valuable instructions on how to do so. Apart from this, we bring you news from the betting world including promotional events by betting companies.

Every piece of content we put out on our platform has the sole purpose of enhancing your betting ability, making you a better bettor.

In order to bring you the best bookmakers online, we study a lot of key points. This includes:

  • How fast does the site load on a desktop and mobile device?
  • How does the colour scheme affect the views navigation experience of the site?
  • How secure is the site? Are payments processed using 256-bit encryption technology?
  • Does the site have a valid data protection policy in place and how do they collect your data?
  • Is the gambling license up to date and is the company ringfencing funds?

Every betting site on our list is double-checked to ensure the safety and security of our users. It is true that there are shady bookmakers online who want to rip you of your money. We are your sure guarantee of avoiding this nightmare. We arm you with information to keep you safer and winning. Thus we only publish only reliable bookmakers with the highest standards of integrity.

Our technical teams do a thorough review of how the sportsbook works from a user perspective.

Here are some of the things our sports betting experts look at when reviewing a bookmaker and sportsbook.

  • Do they offer the best odds on one sport?
  • Do they offer a welcome bonus that is straightforward without lots of fine print in the terms and conditions.
  • Clearly state the main terms and conditions of each bookmaker offer in plain and simple English.
  • What betting margins do they work to on different sports (important for exchange and arbitrage punters)
  • Research and complete review of every bonus offer from each bookmaker and a clear explanation of how each offer works.
  • Analysing the tools bookmakers offer, such as blogs, statistics tools, bet calculators.

To see how our reviews work then just choose any bookmaker and take some time to read through a full sportsbook review. Our reviews are fully researched by our in house team of experts, so you know we have done all the homework for you.

One of the main issue for punters is to understand how a bookmaker or sportsbook’s welcome offer or bonus offer works. Some of the questions you may ask are below:

  • Are their deposit method limitations?
  • Are their odds restriction limitations?
  • Are their time limits on the use of the bonus?
  • Is the bonus amount included in returns?
  • Are their wagering requirements before winnings can be withdrawn.

You will find that each bookmaker has a long list of terms and conditions related just to the bonus part of their offer.

This is where BookmakerAdvisor has once again done all the work for you. We have gone through every welcome offer for every bookmaker and written up a “Special” bonus review.

And what about customer service and Live Chat?

Our sports betting experts make it a point of contacting customer support and checking not only the time it takes to be connected and get a response but also the knowledge of the operators.

Let us tell you, we have come across some very poorly trained customer service reps who could not answer even a basic betting related query. We ask very tough betting questions so we can really test out if the customer support is really top notch as many bookmakers advertise on their sites.

BookmakerAdvisor has been in operation for nearly 5 years and in that time we have reviewed hundreds of bookmakers and sportsbook websites.

You can be sure when reading a review on BookmakerAdvisor that our team has been through the website with the punter in mind.

Please feel free to check out our reviews as all of our betting related help content.

Even in face of the massive energy we put into this, it is still possible to have problems when using the betting sites on our website. Please contact us when you have issues and we will assist you.

The Team

Alex Miller is a former expert in the online sports betting industry. He has spent more than a decade as a trader in sports betting.

His experience makes him the best in giving advice to bettors. Alex Miller has been the secret behind most of our profitable readers.

Our aim is to save you wasted time trawling through hundreds of sites to find the best content, the best offers and the best selection of bets.