Updated: August 2022

You can now enjoy instant card withdrawals for visa debit on Paddy Power

13 November 2019

It is quite questionable having to wait days to withdraw your “hard-earned” winnings from your bookies. It is even more ridiculous when you consider that these bookies are very quick at deducting money from your account in seconds – say when you want to make deposits into your account. That is miserable right?


Well, it seems all that time of waiting painfully for your withdrawals to be executed is far gone. PaddyPower is leading the change by allowing you to withdraw in seconds. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Yes, PaddyPower is introducing instant card withdrawals for Visa debits. It is all simple, you can withdraw with no delay using a Pre-pay card or a Visa Debit. So it is as good as make a winning, and quickly get it in your bank account. No more rigors of waiting days for processing.


The technology was developed indigenously Paddy Power Betfair engineers, leveraging the Flutter Entertainment design. This is sort of Paddy Power prioritizing the processing of your withdrawal from their bank and instructing their bank officials to get the payment (your withdrawal) to you ASAP!


The Flutter Entertainment is integrated front-end of the website, enabling PaddyPower to process your withdrawal in a jiffy! We are expecting Betfair to copy this exciting revolution and offer her customers quicker instant withdrawals just as PaddyPower.


We are expecting the likes of Bet365 to copy this exciting revolution led by PaddyPower and offer their customer instant withdrawals too!