Updated: January 2019

Will Wayne Rooney resurrect his career with Everton move?

3 January 2019

Wayne Rooney’s move to Everton stirs a lot of opinions. Does it show cowardice in a captain deserting his ship for selfish reasons? Does it show the willingness of Rooney to munch the humble pie and show the world especially Mourinho that he still got a touch of gold to his boots.

Man United fans last season had to swallow in the choking pains of seeing Rooney sentenced to the bench. When Man United energetically searched for goals, the fans would look forlorn towards the bench only to see a fading legend and an erstwhile savior in Rooney. Rooney’s loss of form last season was more unpredictable than the Brexit and the speed at which youngsters like Rashford and Lingard overtook him in the pecking order was neck breaking. Such speed yet to be seen even in formula one.

To many Rooney was in the epilogue of his career – a glorious one undoubtedly. At over 30 years, it is understandable if Rooney’s engines start getting rusty. Few would expect Rooney to be drifted from the pitch to the bench under Mourinho who once noisily clamored for the acquisition of Rooney during his time in Chelsea. And upon having the opportunity to coach Rooney in Man United, it was more like the mountain abandoning their pride to come to an unwilling Mohammed.  Therefore it was quite shocking that it was Rooney’s neck that graced the sacrificial altar as Man United searched for solutions in a tremulous season.

Many persons were expecting Rooney to take a long retirement voyage to China and earn money big enough to build an estate on Mars. After all, he had nothing to lose. The heat of being on the bench would never melt his status as a Man United legend. He still leaves with his head high having helped Man United steady themselves from the destabilizing leap Cristiano Ronaldo took from Man United to Real Madrid. Along with Carrick, Rooney was one of the remaining frail fragments of the once glorious Ferguson era. There in China, he would relax in the comforting absence of the spotlight with obese pockets stacked heavily with pay.

Yet the warrior in Rooney presided over the earner in him. Rooney refused to take a bow and accept his best is behind him. With a move to Everton, he shows an unrelenting appetite for being at the top. He shows his bones and muscles are still young enough to reinstall him as the nightmare of premier league goalkeepers. However, in the ferocity premiership, there is a long distance between mere aspirations and tangible achievements. Middlesbrough would love to win the premier league last season, but they couldn’t even keep themselves in the league.

According to Bet365, 11/10 (2.10 ) Rooney’s odds of scoring nine or more Premier League goals in the 2017/18 campaign reads at 11|10 (2.10). The odds that he scores eight or a lesser number of goals reads at 8/11 (1.73). 

Rooney, therefore, knows that a mountain of work awaits him to prove himself again at Everton. Will he prove a success and reinvent himself? Age is not on his side but Koeman (coach of Everton) is on his side. Nothing can be more important to a player than the confidence of his coach. With the exit of Lukaku from Everton, Rooney now has more acres of Goodison Park (Everton’s Stadium) to manifest himself. The question remains if he can have his Easter next season. If he can resurrect his career.

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