Updated: January 2019

Is Man United finally blending with Mourinho?

3 January 2019

Man United were lethally pained watching their beloved team on a downward spiral after Alex Ferguson stepped aside. It seems the glorious days were over only to be replaced with the dark days of Moyes and Van Gaal. The tears of Man United fans were enough to float an aircraft carrier. Seeing their traditional rivals in Man City and Arsenal climbing readily on their heads was a painful embarrassment.

Moyes was an uttermost disappointment and a coaching miscarriage. He plunged Man United so downwards that some fans started seeing qualification for the Europa league as a tangible success. Quickly and expectedly, Moyes was flung out to savage the dregs left of the famous Man United team. Man United urgently needed a tactical surgery and Van Gaal was brought in to oversee the operation, amputate disbelief from the team and transplant the Man United ancestral confidence back into the team. The operation wasn’t successful as a Man United ended playing an excruciatingly boring soccer with the team allergic to attack. At a point, the fans were disgracefully shouting “attack, attack, attack”. By the end Mourinho the ex-special one was brought in to resuscitate the drowning ship at Old Trafford.


The first season of Mourinho meshed in plurality of opinions. Man United failed to win the league or even make the top four but they won the English cup, the community shield, and the Europa which saw them enter Champions league through the Europa backdoor. Last season to some wasn’t a real success. To others, it was a success all the same practically. One thing both sects of persons will agree to, however, is that the team struggled to score goals piling the goal scoring responsibility on Ibrahimovic. The defensive stability of the team was impressive but the attack was worryingly inefficient battling to finish off games. The result was a pressing queue of draws with the full team returning a paltry sum of goals last season.

Looking at this season, however, things have been much different for the better. The arrival of Lukaku and Matic to the team has brought back its famous bite. The former is dishing out goals in bursting fervency while Matic is marshaling the team fluidly from the middle of the park. Coupled with the traditional uncompromising defence propelled by the unfriendly Bailey, and the reinvigorated Jones, and the Messianic De Gea, the stability, and spice of the Alex Ferguson era is diffusing back into the team. The figures better explain the revamp the team is enjoying this Mourinho’s second season at the helm at Old Trafford. Throughout the whole of last season, Man United managed just 54 goals. All teams in the top five scored at least 77 goals. This season Man United has already scored 24 goals. This season, Anthony Martial has contributed a hand to a goal every 47 minutes. An amazing lift from a forlorn form he showed last season. Lukaku is bringing in bags of goals and Rashford is scoring effortlessly too.

It seems the team is finally getting the grasp of the attacking soccer Mourinho envisages. In face of all these tremendous exploits this season which is a confounding deviation from the sluggish Man United last season, can we now say the team blending into Mourinho blueprint for the team?

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