Updated: March 2019

What we learned from Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat to Liverpool

3 January 2019

Arsenal fans would be probably swimming down from Anfield in their tears after watching their teams hammered four goals with no reply.  It would take the bravest of Arsenal fans to don the Arsenal jersey this international break. With all respect, Wenger’s team last Sunday looked despairingly toothless against a venomous Liverpool side. By the time four goals had slipped into Peter Cech’s net, we had learned a bag of lessons. Let us look at some of these lessons we learned from Arsenal’s shameful 4-0 capitulation in Anfield.

1.    Arsenal were outdone by the ferocity of Liverpool’s midfield

While we can’t take the gloss off the fierceness of Liverpool’s attack line featuring Mane, Firmino, and Salah, Arsenal still largely struggled in the center of the pitch. In the first half, Ramsey and Xhaka were out of sorts and were ravaged by the bullying and uncaring likes of Emre Can, Georginio Wijnaldum and Henderson.

In one of the goals, Xhaka was immensely faulty of losing possession. Ramsey was nowhere close to bailing him from the mess. The incompatibility of the midfield pair was so glaring, Wenger needed no genius brains to see it hence he threw in Coquelin for Ramsey. But this was not the medicine as the rattling from the red continued.

2.    Flashes of the disastrous 8-2 thumping from Manchester United

As the match flowed on and Arsenal fans yearned for the referee’s whistle, the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford readily floated to mind. The fans needed to stay in the library for weeks to study why Wenger chose to leave out Lacazzette for Welbeck. Wenger’s  squad selection was really questionable as another summer signing Sead Kolasinac was neatly kept on the bench as well. No exaggeration, but Wenger looked tactically battered by Jurgen Klopp in the battle of the head. The disenchantment of the Arsenal populace is brimming as this kind of performances consolidates Arsenal’s emerging status as consistent Europa league candidates. With such kind of outing on Sunday, asking the Arsenal team for the trophy would be as unkind as asking a one year for six packs. The fans are beginning to believe with increasing certainty that Wenger is becoming tactically obsolete.

3.    Sanchez would be right to pack his luggage of the Emirate

By the time Salah had made it three goals, the cameras turned to Sanchez who was obviously disappointed and moaning. This is becoming all too familiar sight. The Chilean star is struggling to accept the dejection at Arsenal and the malnourishment of motivation from his teammates.

He is a proven winner and with 30 goals last season, he has a valid ticket into the best teams in the world. But clearly Arsenal is not complementing his talents and he obviously looks like a lion having a date with a chicken in Arsenal – well out of place. It is going to be agonizing for him watching Champions league soccer from outside this season with Arsenal but what is more agonizing is enduring another frustrating season with Arsenal. Obviously, there is no guarantee that there wouldn’t be more days like on Sunday (against Liverpool) upfront for Arsenal this season.

Liverpool 12/5 with Betway to win a major trophy this year