Updated: December 2019

How to Bet on Football Accumulators

21 March 2019

Soccer is perhaps the most popular sport with regards sports betting, and the soccer accumulator is the most popular bet when having a punt on the soccer.

Everyone, from professional gamblers to those who have never placed a bet in their life via the casual Saturday afternoon gambler can place a soccer accumulator with ease.

What is a Soccer Accumulator Bet?

The soccer accumulator, or best acca insurance, is a bet consisting of multiple selections which all need to “come in” for the bet to be successful and give the punter a win.

Most soccer bet selections, such as one team to win a match after 90 minutes, offer pretty short-priced odds and are rather worthless with regards profit unless the stakes laid out are extremely high. The soccer betting accumulator bet allows someone to add several of these selections together in one bet with much higher odds.

For example, A punter has £10 to bet with on a Saturday afternoon and they want to bet on five teams.

If they split their total stake money into five it allows them to place £2 on each selection to win, at the following odds and with the following possible pay out.

1) 23/20 – possible return of £4.30
2) 11/20 – possible returns of £3.10
3) Evs – possible returns of £4
4) 8/11 – possible returns of £3.44
5) 8/5 – possible returns of £5.20

So, that’s a total stake of £10 with a possible total return of £20.04, a profit of just £10.02.

If these selections were added together in an accumulator bet, for a £10 stake, the total possible return is £299.32, which is a profit of £289.32.

Best Way to Bet on Soccer Accumulators

The soccer accumulator bet isn’t just restricted to the match result market and acca betting can be placed on markets such as Both Teams to Score, Over/Under a certain amount of goals, Half Time Result and more.

Some betting companies will even allow the customer to mix and match their accumulator bets with selections taken from different markets added together to form one bet. There are even some online sportsbooks who will offer accumulator insurance, where they will refund the total stake in either cash or free bets if just one selection loses.

The accumulator insurance definitely adds a new spin to best acca insurance betting, giving the punter more chances of a return.

Perhaps the best way to bet on soccer accumulators is to choose what are seen as “banker” selections, such as a Premier League team playing a League One team in the third round of the FA Cup. These selections will have short odds but with a higher stake, the returns and profit can still be pretty good when six or seven of these selections are added together.

It is also worth looking at sites who offer the acca insurance, or other benefits such as cash-out or partial cash-out features.

Most new customers will receive a bonus free bet or matched bet when signing up to a new online sportsbook, which makes it possible to place several accumulators with several different companies for the minimal outlay.

How to Win on Soccer Accumulators

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee of winning an accumulator bet as shock results happen and a last minute goal against the run of play can turn a certain win into a loss. But, potential gamblers can make it easier for themselves by taking an analytical approach.

To do this, the person must:

• Look at the league table
• Study recent form
• Look at upcoming fixtures which may be more important for one team
• Read team news, paying attention to injuries and suspensions
• Study head to head form
• Bet without emotions

This will increase the chances of placing a successful soccer accumulator bet, with bad luck or a shock result the only things standing between the punter and a profit.

How to Win Big on Soccer Accumulators

As said above, there are no guaranteed wins when placing a soccer accumulator bet but it is possible to win life-changing amounts of money with these types of bets.

To do this, the punter must choose more selections and at bigger odds. Either that, or place a bet with an increased stake. For example, a 50/1 six-team accumulator bet will pay £51 for a £1 stake but will pay £510 on a £10 stake or £5100 with a £100 stake.

This turns the profit from being adequate to huge amounts of money.

But, maintaining an analytical approach and only spending money you can afford to lose is always the best approach when placing a soccer accumulator bet or indeed any type of bet.

Luck plays a bit part in winning big on a soccer accumulator bet and becoming one of those people you read about in the newspaper, who win ridiculous amounts of money from exceptionally small stakes.

But, understanding the soccer accumulator bet is the first step to making a profit from this type of bet.

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