Updated: March 2019

Who Will Seat On The Iron Throne And Rule Westoros In Season 7

2 January 2019

One of the most suspenseful films to watch is the Game of Thrones. So tastefully cooked is the story line that the character you think is most likely to sit on the coveted Iron throne is the character that is being slit to death in the next scene. Aggressively thrilling, gets you so nervous with all your hair standing erect like some porcupine defending itself from attack.

So far we have been drooling for the next season of the Game of Thrones. Many of us would have wished that the recent G20 meeting brings forth a joint statement from world leaders ordering HBO to release the season 7 next week. A number of questions are swimming in our minds pertaining to how the curtains fell on Season 6. The biggest questions fans are now asking pertaining to season 7 is who will at the end sit on the Iron Throne? Daenerys, John Snow, Cercei? Well let us analyze the odds for each potential character.

Daenerys Targaryen

From the story so far, Daenerys Targaryen is the leading candidate to land the hot seat sitting on the Iron Throne – thus ruling Westeros. The biggest asset nominating Daenerys for the Iron Throne is her possession of the three dragon eggs which she received as a wedding gift. So far the dragons have grown up to adults of violence capable of wrecking untold havoc upon the directives of Daenerys. With a bath of dragon fire as her bargaining power, she is sure to go far as much as she can for the Iron Throne.

Daenerys’s odds of sitting on the Iron Throne and ruling Westeros are 4.50

Jon Snow

The next man for the seat is Jon Snow, the cat with nine lives. Having recorded a commendable trip back to the world of the living after been evicted from earth by the gruesome mass murder perpetrated by the Night’s Watch in season 5 episode 10. Gently rocking Soul II Soul’s famous hit “back to life”, John Snow is back to life courtesy of Melisandre. There are few things impossible with the energetic John Snow. But landing the Iron Throne is certainly not among them.

 John Snow chances stand closely at 5.00.

Cersei Lannister

This is the incumbent ruling over Westeros. This is after King Tommen’s strange suicide. However her chances are really fragile given Daenerys’s growing influence and Jon Snow’s reemergence. Worse as it may seem, it is most likely she will last on the throne through the Season 7 before being definitely usurped across the next seasons. Her odds stand at 1.40.

So there we are, so far HBO has been very reluctant to release the cat out of the closely sealed bag. While we can’t be sure of who eventually sits on the throne, we can be sure that any of them can still die next season. As we know Game of Thrones doesn’t have the courtesy of keeping to expected protocols. Even Daenerys can be hanged next season. However we excitedly look out for when Season 7 will be dropping to save those of us who have drooled a pool (in expectance of what Season 7 brings) voluminous enough how to stage an Olympic swimming competition!