Updated: January 2019

Unibet Presents sweet Profit Boost for every Ashes match

3 January 2019

The Ashes series is on and thriving at the moment as England battles hard to retrieve their hard lost ashes crown. Matches like the Test, the T20, and ODI come with great tremor and enthusiasm. Well aside from the bursting fun, Unibet is bringing in the bigger chance for you to make some cash out of the competition.

Getting in to enjoy this offer come with no hassles.

1. First, you have to opt into the Unibet Ash Profit program.

2. From there you can make your choice of your bet

3. You will now come to the place of deciding which profit boost to go with bonus offers

4. And your winnings are all yours.

The Ash competition has been going for something and the next interval you would be getting credited with your profit boosts from Unibet in the following dates:

The next profit boost payment coming from Unibet would be credited by January 3. This is the Profit Boost 5th Test Sydney.

Subsequently Unibet will be adding dates for the payments of the ODI & T20 matches in 2018.

• The minimum odds you can select bet-slip must is 1.20

• On the other hand, the highest stake you can make on each Profit Boost ticket is £50.

• On a weekly basis throughout the competition, the highest you can get in form of bonus payout is £1,000.

• You can only use Profit Boost ticket alongside real cash money balances. In the case where you attempt doing so with a bonus balance or say a free bet, it would not be activated.