Updated: January 2019


3 January 2019

As at 2008 when Tottenham won the league cup they were the only English club alongside Manchester United FC to have won a major trophy for the past 6 decades. That statistic is just to show that achieving success at the London club has never had anything to do with having plenty of money to spend in the transfer market. Times have changed in soccer and everyone is spending big in the market to get the players they want and ultimately to achieve success in the game.

Spurs, however, have remained adamant and have gotten away with it over the years, or perhaps their philosophy is one that works and should be copied by other teams, right? They prefer discovering young British talents, growing them and selling them at very fearful sums. A popular example being the then world record fee paid by Real Madrid for the purchase of Gareth Bale.


Since the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino, the club has tried to evolve and tried to blend their philosophy with the ongoing craze in the game. By this, they have gone out to spend big (but not as big as their title rivals) to buy the players they want and continued growing the British talents and appreciating the worth of those talents.


For the past 3 seasons, they have proven to be serious contenders of the premier league and have been consistent in their title pursuit. Although they have not won any major trophy this decade, they look more likely to do so as the seasons go by. They are currently third after an unfortunate and undeserved loss to Mourinho’s Manchester United after 10 matches in the Premiership and are in a good position (currently joint leaders) in the Champions League group that has Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund after 3 matches. They look very strong at the moment rightly ignoring the recent losses.


In the 2017 summer window, Kyle Walker was sold to Man city for 46 million pounds while a formidable replacement (Serge Aurier) was bought from PSG for 22 million pounds. Smart move, isn’t it? Not forgetting that Trippier fought shoulder to shoulder with Walker for the right-back position the previous season.


Now they have two solid right wing back players and some cash. They let Kevin Wimmer go for 17 million and brought in an upgrade (Davidson Sanchez) at double that price and now they have Vertonghen, Alderweireld, and Sanchez, 3 world class center backs. In essence what they did was sell one solid and one back up player for two solid players and some cash. They let Bentaleb go for 17 million pounds and brought in a backup striker Llorente for 13 million pounds, more money in the pocket. The analysis goes on and at the end of the day, they have a better squad than they did last season with a gain of about 8million pounds.

There is no denying that their smart play in the market last summer and other windows before that (kudos to the club directors and scouts) contributes greatly to how well the team is performing now, but their form is as a result of a combination of factors like the intelligence of the 46-year-old Argentine coach they have, the desire of the players themselves and the wonderful support they get from the crew, staff, and fans.