Updated: January 2019

What we saw in the Mayweather McGregor fight

3 January 2019

Last week got down in the boxing world as Mayweather took on McGregor in one of the biggest money fights we have seen. The enthusiasm rattling the world was vindicated as we could not wait to see an ambitious McGregor, a green learner in boxing take on a seasoned veteran of the ring in Mayweather. And sure the results were as we expected. Despite the possibility of McGregor turning the tables on Mayweather and springing a spectacular surprise win, reality and experience shone through and Mayweather expectedly came out the winner in a TKO in the 10th round. The match wasn’t any less spectacular though. These are 3 things we saw in the match.


1. Mayweather and McGregor won in their respective ways

While the match was exciting and both combatants eying the win, we can’t say McGregor really lost technically. First, we were not really expecting him to win Mayweather who had 49 undefeated matches behind him. This was McGregor who was boxing for the first time. However, McGregor is nonetheless a high profile opponent being the MMA champion. At the end of the day, McGregor still gave us enough of entertainment winning some early rounds soundly. While Mayweather took home about $100 million, McGregor didn’t do badly going home with $30 million with a rotundly inflated reputation and reinvented universal fame. Not bad business for both as both men won at the end of the day.

2.  The match seemed a bit too long as Mayweather could have finished it earlier

Mayweather who is aggressively lavish in his social life is very pragmatic in the ring and is renowned for his well oiled defensive discipline. Mayweather will always play it safe. Against Pacquiao, he was as safe as boring as he stayed back home and allowed Pacquiao to exhaust himself attacking. This is almost the same he did with McGregor as he allowed the Irish kickboxer to drain of his vigor in early enigmatic moves. Later he took the battle to a tired McGregor and won in the 10th round. But should it have really gone as far as the 10th round? Against a McGregor making his debut in boxing? Not too bad though as slow and steady won the race.




3.  Mayweather can deservedly go back to retirement while McGregor goes back to MMA

The match was really spectacular to see. Both fighters eventually vindicated the enormous publicity poured into the match. Still, both fighters are deservedly done with boxing. Mayweather leaves with a chest pumping with pride and a shoulder hanged in approved arrogance. He was gone 50-0 in his career. You can’t take his legendary status from him again as he is well vetted and good to get an honorable seat in the Hall of Fame. He has gotten big money too. So it is a resplendent climax to the end of a career for him. For McGregor too, he did excellently well for a boxer. We honestly didn’t expect so much from him even staying to the 10th round. Such an admirable job from him, he has a global thunderous applause for his boxing escapades. He has also got a fat cheque too. He can now pull off his boxing gloves proudly and go back to his genetic MMA.