Updated: March 2019

The odds of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid this summer

2 January 2019

Cristiano Ronaldo is indisputably a soccer god. A word from him is a media thunderstorm that launches the newspapers into a gold rush.  In a notorious hegemony with Lionel Messi, he greedily confiscates the super stardom class soccer presents. When naming the greatest legends to have graced the game, it is a no-brainer adorning the front list with “CR7”!

Thus the world was rocked and the soccering world somersaulting when news filtered out that Ronaldo has asked to leave Real Madrid. Just as Lionel Messi is monogamously married to Barcelona so is Ronaldo faithfully wedded to Madrid in the holiest of soccer matrimonies. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has made it a sanctimonious duty to ensure Ronaldo feels at home in the Bernabeu and wouldn’t mind doing the toiletries for the Portuguese superstar.


The reports have it that Ronaldo is discontent with the tax evasion accusation shot at him by Spanish authorities. It is said Ronaldo feels “persecuted”, and has thus set his mind inextricably on packing his luggage off Madrid. You can be right to say it is almost ingratitude for Spain to ever bring up charges against Ronaldo given that he is one of La Liga’s greatest export, responsible for most of the international radiance beaming on La Liga. However, a Barcelona fan will tell you that what is food for the goose must compulsorily be food for the gander. Messi had already being charged and sentenced for tax evasion, so Ronaldo makes no royal exception. This therefore emboldens the possibility of Ronaldo divorcing Real Madrid however having the Real Madrid badge stitched to his heart.

At 32, you would still blaspheme and accuse the Pope of lying if he says Ronaldo is done at the top! Considering his exploits of last season and peaking at the right time to detain the Champions league trophy at the Bernabeu for one more year and helping Madrid to the domestic La Liga title, you have a strong point saying Ronaldo still is a burning flame that will torch soccer for some more years. If Ronaldo must leave, it is no mincing of words that he will leave not cheap. Divorcing Madrid comes with a hefty alimony any of the clubs courting Cristiano will have to dole, something around 150m euros. This greatly streamlines the suitor list. Now let us look at the chances of leaving to the very few clubs who have the possibility of signing him.


After parting ways with the fiery Ibrahomovic, Mourinho needs another firepower upfront. Man United have indicated interest in Madrid’s Morata and Torino’s Belloti, but they are not proven hits like Ronaldo on the grand stage. While buying Morata or Torino is a probabilistic investment, Ronaldo is a sure banker that will come with a lorry load of goals. But Ronaldo and Mourinho don’t have the best of personal relationship, yet a patchy compromise can be welded just like between Enrique and Messi. After all both Ronaldo and Mourinho stand to enjoy a symbiotic relationship, Ronaldo loves Man United and Mourinho loves goals and trophies. Goals and trophies are Ronaldo’s sure entourage!

PSG= ODDS: 7|1

PSG are in need of character and leadership enigma. While they have not been really malnourished of goals (being fed sumptuously by an energetic Cavani) they have failed on the big stage where mental audacity was needed. Most notable was the second leg defeat against Barcelona where the Paris project fell flat. Signing Ronaldo would be a statement of intent reminding the world of PSG’s hold to global prominence as a soccer superpower. However Ronaldo has less to fancy in PSG having conquered it all in Madrid. For now, PSG cannot readily jiggle their heavy pockets to sing an attractive melody to Ronaldo.

China and the MLS= ODDS: 4|7

Any move to China and the MLS is a retirement move from Ronaldo. However we know Cristiano sunbathes in the spotlight and doesn’t see himself as having enough white hairs to retire out of the spotlight yet. While Ronaldo might seek one final paycheck in China or the MLS, it remains much later than sooner as the industrious striker still has some nourishing spoonful of quality and class to feed the big stage with.