Updated: July 2019

Exciting odds for Alexis Sanchez to be sold by Man United this summer

8 July 2019

Man United’s fans can’t believe the soccering nightmare they are currently embroiled in. The glorious days of Ferguson are fast fading into the oblivion. It has been a blockbuster horror movie. From David Moyes up to the calamitous era of Jose Mohrinho.

One of the most odious relics of the failed Mourinho era is the thrilling flop story of Alexis Sanchez. Man United fans were overjoyed when Mourinho managed to pull Sanchez from the claws of Guardiola. The former Arsenal talisman was believed to be an assurance of instantaneous glory having on the back of his best season for Arsenal were he voluminously poured out more than 30 goals.

Alexis Sanchez has been sucking up the Man United wage bill being one of the highest earners in the premier league. Yet through last season, he was either clicking his heels on the bench or sidelined with his niggling injuries.

Ole Solksjaer is spearing a youthful revolution and it appears old failed and expensive legs would be making way out of Old Trafford to accommodate the incoming energy. But with a weekly salary of over £300,000 after tax, Sanchez is not the most attracting player on the market despite being s former proven performer.

Do you think Sanchez would leave or stay? Here are some amazing odds from your favorite bookmakers on Sanchez.

Paddpower: 7/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to Atletico Madrid       

Betfair: 7/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to Juventus

Paddpower: 10/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to Bayern Munich

Betfair: 16/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to Napoli

Paddpower: 20/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to Borrusia Dortmund

Betfair: 20/1 for Alexis Sanchez to sold to AC Milan