Updated: March 2019

Examining the betting odds of Next Lib Dem Leader as Norman Lamb leads

2 January 2019

With the announcement from Jo Swinson of her withdrawal from the race for the leader of the Lib Democrats, comes more life and enthusiasm for the job. Her decision was as shocking as the Brexit itself given that she was the leading prospect to sit on the throne. All we were expecting from her was just officially confirm her interest in the standing for the job and the remaining part falling in as formality. Now with Jo Swinson out of the picture, the remaining candidates don’t really have much separating each other hence there is no longer a clear favorite for the job. Let us take an analytical examination of the odds of the remaining possible contestants.

Vince Cable: 3.20

If we are talking about experience, Vince Cable has a sea of it. With a sophisticated armory of experience, Vince Cable comes to the spotlight again with the race for the next Lib Dem leader opening up. At 74, he has been around the British political arena for quite a while to extensively know how the mechanism of government works. Although some time ago, Vince doused the exhilaration around him pitting him for the job, by saying he was too old for it. But now he seems well matured for it with Brexit hanging heavily on the UK. People are seeing the prospects of Vince taking job on a short term while also taking in Swinson as a deputy protégé till she has drank in nourishing volume of experience to eventually relieve Vince of the paramount role. Vince’s odds therefore come at 3.20.

Ed Davey: 3.50

The next prospects for this job is Ed Davey. While it is true that he released official statements denouncing any interest in the leadership position of the Lib Dem, this was actually because he wanted to stake his support behind Swinson. However with the withdrawal of Swinson from the race, the spotlight has retuned right to him molesting him into a second thought. Previously Davey has served Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change and the odds are quite close for him and Vince. It is true that he might not be the standout favorite now neither is there a buoyant possibility that he would win if the votes were held today. But with the passing days, his eligibility gains credence as more and more minds key into his suitability for the position. We should definitely watch out for Davey. His odds read 3.50.

Norman Lamb:2.50

This is the outstanding favorite for the position now with the demise of Swinson from the race. The MP for North Norfolk must have won some hearts over for his industrious strides on mental health. However he yet faces a great stumbling block for the lead position of Lib Dem party, his divisive stand on Brexit. This wouldn’t peel some crust off his base as he is not the biggest fan of Britain maintaining diplomatic courtesy with the EU. Yet at the moment, he leads the race in the absence of Swinson. His odds are confident coming at 2.50!