Updated: January 2019

Who is favorite between Man United and Man City to win the EPL?

3 January 2019

The most interesting league in the world, the English Premier League with a potential audience of about 4.7 billion people, broadcast in over 200 territories, looks set to be even more interesting this season especially with the number of talents imported in recent seasons. Six clubs namely Manchester city, Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea are all contenders for the title in the 2017/2018 season.

However those spearheading the race at this early stage are Manchester city FC and Manchester United FC. Man United although castigated for their last lifeless performance at Anfield have been previously impressive, scoring in a reckless frenzy. Man City have been typically imperial, blazing past teams with no fragments of mercy.

Who then will outlast the other, who will be the most consistent at the end of the day or season as you would have it? Let’s take deeper looks at the top 2 teams.


Manchester City


The Man city squad is the most expensive squad in the world right now with a team worth of £751.5 million. Little wonder they have arguably the most enviable squad depth in all of Europe. They possess at least two players in every position who would be starters in almost any other team. Testament to this is the fact that Bernardo Silva is yet to start a single premier league game this season likewise Claudio Bravo’s relegation to the bench. They have a forward as fast as electric and as lethal as the German soldiers in the first years of the Second World War. They currently have 29 goals from eight matches which gives an average of almost 4 goals per game. 5 of these 29 came without reply against Liverpool who are worthy title contenders themselves. Their defense looks a lot better and composed than it did last season with John Stones beginning to pay Pep Guardiola back for the faith he has in him.

They have conceded only 2 goals this season. They seem to have a better understanding of the Pep Guardiola philosophy as everyone looks like they know just what to do when on the ball and more importantly when off the ball.

They have an average ball possession of 63.8% and a pass accuracy of about 88% with John stones being the best passer of the ball so far completing 293 passes with a pass completion percentage of 97%. At the moment it seems really difficult to see them lose steam seeing as they defeated Chelsea without Aguero and Mendy.

Manchester United


They are the third most expensive side in the world behind only Man City and PSG. The team is worth an incredible sum of £690 million. This team looks its best since the Alex Ferguson era and they show the qualities that remind soccer fans of what a Jose Mourinho title-winning team looks feels and plays like.

They are clinical in defense and in attack and they win at all costs because of the belief they have in their ability. They are also a free-scoring side with 21 goals in 7 games. They have an average ball possession of 54.8% and an impressive average pass completion of 85%. Although the team is yet to be truly tested since they haven’t played any of last season’s top six teams, Liverpool is their next opponent and will prove to be their sternest test so far.


How they will fare will speak volumes about their claim to the title this season. So who is favorite to win the league, Man City or Man United?