Updated: May 2019

Enticing Alexis Sanchez summer transfer odds

19 May 2019

When Alexis Sanchez left Arsenal for Man United, the joys of Man United fans knew no bound. Then the Chilean destroyer was the peak of his career arguably. The season before the transfer, Sanchez was on fire for Arsene Wenger’s side scoring a career high of over 30 goals.

Therefore when Mourinho landed Alexis Sanchez at Old Trafford, it was generally perceived as a masterstroke of bargaining genius.  Henrikh Mkhitaryan left for Arsenal in a memorable swap and many Man United fans would have heaved a huge sigh of relief in a sort of “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

The Alexis Sanchez move was even more delicious considering it was a hard fought move where the Chilean was snatched from the very claws of Guardiola’s Man City who fought hard before giving up. Therefore, a priced jewel, it was well vindicated that Sanchez was pumped up with an enormous weekly wage arrangement making him the highest paid player in the Premiership.

How fast things change! From that time till now, Sanchez has endured a terrible and dramatic fall from grace. With barely 8 premiership goals to boast of since his Man United arrival, Sanchez has enthroned himself as the costliest flop in the history of Man United.

The arrival of Ole Solskjaer even failed to ignite a spark in him and his dreary form continued. Here comes the summer window. Man United is bleeding with pains after cataclysmically missing on Champions League position. Everyone is screaming for a summer overhaul and the old haggard boots being sold off.

Sanchez may be among those to be moved off to create space for more enthusiastic arrivals as well free the wage bill. Are you confident of Sanchez leaving Man United this summer? Then to where?

Here are some exciting bookmaker odds for Alexis Sanchez summer transfer:

BetVictor: 12/1 for Sanchez to go to Spain

BetVictor: 12/1 for Sanchez to go to China

BetVictor: 12/1 for Sanchez to go to Italy

BetVictor: 16/1 for Sanchez to go to France

BetVictor: 16/1 for Sanchez to go to Germany