Updated: January 2019

Is Coutinho really indispensable to Liverpool?

3 January 2019

Liverpool fans can’t wait for September 1st, ask a Liverpool fan now how many hours he wants a day to have now and he could tell you 12 hours is enough for a day. Liverpool fans can’t wait for the transfer window to close. Reasons because their golden boy Philippe Coutinho has been largely hunted by Barcelona.
The drama is a Steven Spielberg production as Liverpool has already rejected three bids from Barcelona. But this would not peel a slice of determination off Barca as they prepare to launch a fourth mega bid. Would you blame Barcelona? Barca is ailing from the loss of Neymar to PSG. And after seeing PSG rapture Neymar to Paris, Barca is looking for a club to equally molest with big money. You can safely call it transferred aggression.
Coutinho himself also fantasizes about life in Camp Nou, sharing a formidable dressing room with the fearsome likes of Lionel Messi and Andres Iniesta, legends of the game. He has made no secret of his desire to leave Liverpool. Despite submitting a transfer request, he has not run to the press with a microphone to complain how much Liverpool have been hampering his dream move. He has so far looked calm about the transfer.

Liverpool are vindicated in trying to handcuff Coutinho to Anfield. You don’t see his class of talents readily in the streets. Liverpool are serious title contenders with Coutinho on board, take it or leave it. Coutinho forms the centre of Liverpool’s creativity and fluidity in attack. He has brains which share a technical resemblance with Iniesta and Ozil and can unlock any defence with some insurgent passes. Plus the fact that he has the Samba spice particular to Brazilians and can dance around defenders. Little wonders Barca see no problem in bringing out over 120m pounds in wooing Liverpool to release him.
However, a large question comes to mind. Is Coutinho really indispensable to Liverpool? Can Liverpool not still do well without him? Theoretically, the answer is no, but practically the answer is yes. As evident from Liverpool’s outings this season, the attack has retained its dazzling flare in the absence of Coutinho. A forward trio of Mane, Firmino, and Salah are still a sizzling nightmare to any defence on their day. Against Arsenal, the ferociousness of the three was scintillating and a beauty to behold – except to Arsenal fans. By the end of the match with the score line beaming 4-0, fans were already acclimatizing to a possible life without Coutinho. The truth is despite Coutinho’s caliber of rare intelligence, he was not missed against Arsenal.


Mane truly is the man behind the stage keeping the show going while Coutinho has been the flashy performer tantalizing the crowd on stage. Last season this was evident during Mane’s absence by injury as well as his African Nation’s Cup outing. Liverpool struggled without him inarguably. Moreover, Liverpool still have another creative Maestro in Lallana. It is said Lallana doesn’t get enough of air time like Coutinho as the English media don’t really see him as marketing enough to cover the newspapers. Yet Lallana is good enough in his own measure. With a sound defensive reinforcement like Vrij coming from Southampton, Coutinho’s absence wouldn’t be much felt. So do you still think Coutinho is really indispensable to Liverpool?

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