Updated: January 2019

Can Chelsea retain their Premiership trophy this season?

3 January 2019

Last season was tremendous for Chelsea and Antonio Conte. The previous season before that one was a box of embarrassment. From champions, they slipped down to 10th position with Mourinho’s head laid on the sacrificial altar and his body thrown out the gates of Stamford Bridge. In Mourinho’s last season at Chelsea, the whole team suffered a structural and technical dilapidation with the likes of Costa and Hazard no better than their grannies on the pitch.

Abrahamovic, Chelsea’s owner imported Antonio Conte all the way from Italy to come tighten the loose screws at Stamford Bridge. And he delivered! After a 3-0 loss to Arsenal, Conte put on his engineering apron and welded a new system for his team in an impressive technical rejuvenation. The likes of Moses had new breath pumped down their nostrils with the Nigerian reborn in a full back role. Hazard wires sparked back to life and electricity came to Chelsea with the Blues lighting up the season with an imperialist display that colonized Wenger, Mourinho and the others. Costa seems to find his touch again and donated a couple of vital goals and vital outbursts that paddled the trophy back to Chelsea by the end of the season.

Now is a new season. The frenzy and freshness of Chelsea’s new technical system would have extensively faded. Managers have spent nights on their study tables, peering the microscopic light over Conte’s tactics to pick out the tiny loopholes. Unless Conte has some more Italian tricks down his coaching box, he would surprise very few this season. The premiership has shown that not all champions are parachuted down. Some are thrown down the cliff like Ranieri’s Leicester and Mourinho’s league winning sides found out. The teams that came to war with Chelsea last season with bows and arrows are coming this season with nukes. Everybody wants to beat Chelsea, some the hell out of Chelsea to send a reverberating message all around the league.

Things don’t really look well for Conte either and he has been crying foul at the Chelsea transfer board. In a season where the pounds are flying everywhere, Chelsea have not zipped open their purse as much as Conte would have loved. The truth remains that Lukaku was snatched from their teeth and Morata brought in a pacifying candy in the mouth of a crying baby. While one may say Chelsea has not done badly in the transfer window bringing in the likes of Rudiger from Roma, Babakyako from Monaco, Callabero, and Morata. The truth remains that most of it have been replacements other than additions.


Chelsea played the majority of last season with 18 players. That was understandable because they were free of European exertions. Now they are in Champions league and expected to perform. You don’t expect just 18 players to bring intercontinental and domestic success unless FIFA legalizes doping!

You don’t also need the Pope to prophesy that Man City can win the league this season. Guardiola has made a billboard of his ambitious in over £200m spending to an already talent-stacked team. Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Arsenal all hope to execute a Premiership coup de etat on Chelsea and send them off the throne.

Chelsea 7/2 with Bet365 to win the Premiership title again.

So what do you think? Can Chelsea retain their premiership trophy this season?