Updated: January 2019

Betway announces new £25,000 football promotion for the upcoming season

3 January 2019

The excitement is raving. The new premier league season is finally here, while the fans are already yawning in anticipation, the players are buckling up their boots for action. Chelsea have a heck of work on their table to keep the trophy in Old Stamford for one more season and the fans are peering desperately over Antonio Conte’s ruffled hair to see how he would manage that feat. Aside all the delicious enthusiasm flooding the pitch, there is more exhilaration outside the pitch. This time something for your pocket.

Betway has released the sumptuous announcement of their recent promotion where fans would relish the opportunity of winning a mouth watering £25,000.

No big deal for this big money. All you need to cash in is step into the game, it is all free! Bettors would choose the first four teams who would score in the three o’clock kick-offs which will be played across each of English soccer’s four leagues! That is it, simple as that and you are moonwalking to the bank for your win.

Betway’s Alan Alger, couldn’t help comment on the intriguing promotion: “Watching the goals fly in up and down the country has always been a staple of any Saturday, but with ‘4 to Score’, fans can add even more excitement to their afternoon.

“By simply picking the first four teams to score, regardless of whether they win or lose, punters could win big by ten past three – something that will certainly add a lot more interest when watching Soccer Saturday or Final Score.”

So the promotion kicks in when the season starts 12 August which is this Saturday. We all can’t wait you know.

This is the most recent in the strings of betting philanthropy Betway has pampered us with. Such goodwill also coincides justifiably with the marketing moves of Betfair to stay ahead of the bookmaker pack. Who wants £25,000?