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How to Bet on US Open Tennis

14 May 2019

The final Grand Slam of the year in tennis is always the US Open, played for two weeks starting on the last Monday of August each year, where the top players take to the hard courts in New York in what is perhaps the hardest of the four majors to win.

So, if it’s the hardest grand slam tournament to win, it must also be the most difficult tennis tournament to bet on, right? Well, that may be true due to the fact it is extremely rare for a player to win the tournament in successive seasons, especially in the men’s tournament, and a lot of seeded players suffer early exits.

Here, we will give you a rundown of the US Open tennis grand slam and a few tips on how to make the most of betting on this prestigious tournament.

The US Open Tennis

The US Open tennis is the modern version of the US National Championship, first contested by men in 1881 on a grass court in Rhode Island.

It has been played at Flushing Meadow, New York since 1978, when the tournament then switched to hard courts from the clay courts of the previous venue at West Side Tennis Club.

Nowadays, the top players in the world in the men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles compete for total prize money of over $53 million.

In 2018, a record overall attendance of 732,663 watched the action at the 22-court Flushing Meadow grounds, of which there are four “show courts”, thirteen field courts, and five practice courts.

The men’s singles has seen no player win in two successive years since Roger Federer won five times in a row between 2004 and 2008, whilst the women’s singles has also seen a different winner every year since Serena Williams won three in a row up to 2014.

This fact alone is one of the things that makes the US Open such an exciting tournament, as nobody can confidently predict the winners of the tournament at the outset.

How to Bet on the US Open Tennis

With seeded players suffering early exits and different players winning the tournament year after year, the US Open is an extremely tough tournament to bet on. But, there are a few tips to take note of in order to improve your chances of making a tidy profit.

Look For Vulnerable Seeded Players

In 2018, seven of the thirty-two seeded players in the men’s singles suffered first round exits, and twenty of the seeds had exited the tournament before the end of the third round. In the women’s singles, five seeds exited in the first round with one other withdrawing from the tournament and eighteen of the thirty-two seeded players had exited before the fourth round.

This shows that seeded players, especially those in the lower sixteen of each singles tournament, are susceptible to suffering an early defeat.

As a bettor, it is your job to do your research and discover which of the seeded players are the most vulnerable.

Looking into each seeds performances over the last few seasons will help you to see how well they have played on hard courts and how they managed to earn a place in the top thirty-two in the world. A player may have achieved their ranking thanks to great performances on grass and clay courts, and could be vulnerable against a big serving hard court specialist ranked lower in the world.

You can also employ some of our other tips to help you find those susceptible to suffering a shock early defeat.

Past Tournament Form

The first thing to look at is how a player has performed in previous US Open tournaments. How far did they progress each year they have competed, how many times have they suffered an early exit, how close have they come to winning the tournament or have they previously won the title? All things you need to note down.

Nobody is going to enter a tournament like the US Open and blow everyone away at the first time of asking. Even the best players in history have been close to winning previously before actually lifting the trophy.

On the other hand, players who constantly suffer early exits can be noted as a vulnerable player at this tournament. This is especially the case for the seeded players who constantly get knocked out early, because it could provide you with a good value bet in the first few days of the tournament.

Previous Form on Hard Courts

Other than a players previous form at the US Open itself, another strong guide to whether a player is coming into the tournament in form or not is how they have played on hard courts throughout the season.

It is also worth taking a special note of how a player has played at the North American hard court events in the weeks leading up to the US Open. This will tell you everything you need to know about a players form on similar courts and in similar conditions to what they will be playing on/in at the US Open.

Head to Head Records

As with any sporting event, whether it’s team vs team or individual vs individual, we always recommend checking head to head statistics. This can tell you if one player has an advantage over the other, and just how much that advantage will come into play at the US Open.

Check previous hard court meetings, as well as any previous meetings at the US Open or at any of the American events leading up to the US Open. It’s no use looking at previous meetings on grass and clay, although you can make a note of it purely for the reason it may give one player a psychological advantage.

Betting Markets for the US Open

The betting markets available for the US Open tennis tournament are going to be pretty much the same as for the other tennis grand slam tournaments, and indeed most other tennis tournaments.
These markets include:

• Outright tournament winner
• Match result
• Correct Score
• Over/Under markets (total points, total sets, total games etc.)
• Handicap betting
• Set betting

These are just the most popular markets on offer and we recommend shopping around at different bookmakers to find the full list of markets available, as well as take advantage of any special betting markets that may be available for the US Open tennis tournament.

We also recommend taking advantage of the many in-play betting markets which will be available during the US Open.

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