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Tomas Berdych vs Ryan Harrison: The derby of the first round

Tomas Berdych


Time till Match:

Ryan Harrison


Two good players who are a bit struggling at the moment, will provide a good show. Berdych is closer to victory, and we think that he will win, but with a lot of effort.


Stadium: Flushing Meadows

Date: 29 August 2017

Time: 16:00


Two good players who are a bit struggling at the moment, will provide a good show. Berdych is closer to victory, and we think that he will win, but with a lot of effort.


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Berdych to win
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Reasons for betting on Tomas Berdych vs Ryan Harrison tip

US Open is full of with exciting matches this year. In our opinion, the most interesting one in the first round will be the one between the crowd favorite Ryan Harrison and Tomas Berdych. In the most recent matches Harrison was struggling, and he is far away from his best performances. The player from the Czech Republic in a bit better position, but he too is not shining.
That is why we believe that this clash is a perfect one for our preview.


Tomas Berdych overview

Berdych had a chance to do something amazing at Wimbledon, but regrettably, he could not defeat both Rodger Federer and an injury which he had. After London, the 19th player in the ATP rankings had only two victories along with two defeats. The most recent was in Cincinnati against Juan Martin del Potro 2-1, despite the fact that he had one set advantage. It seems that Berdych can’t find his game and his form is going downwards at the moment. But still he is unpredictable, and he can produce a fantastic game almost any time. The quality which he possesses, especially in the hard turf, is excellent. His best record in New York is the semifinal in 2012. In 2016 he was absent because of an injury he had.

Ryan Harrison overview

The 44th player in the world isn’t performing well. In 2017 his record is negative with 15 wins and 18 losses.
Traditionally, Harrison was performing good when playing in America, but this year his results are pretty bad. After the finals in Atlanta, everybody had an opinion that he is going to do something big this season. Unfortunately, after that tournament and a defeat against John Isner, Harrison recorded only one victory in 4 matches. Most of those matches what pretty tight, but eventually, the American just could not play consistently. Flushing Meadows is not the place where Ryan Harrison feels comfortable, and the third round in the previous edition was his best result in New York.

Head to head matches

In all three meetings, the player from the Czech Republic was better. But we have to say that in each encounter we have seen one tie break. The most recent match was at Wimbledon this season where Berdych defeated Harrison with 3-1, 6-4 6-3 6-7(8) 6-3.
Also, they had one more encounter at another Grand Slam, this time in Australia. The Czech was more confident there and won with 3-0, 6-3 7-6(6) 6-2.

Prediction for Tomas Berdych vs. Ryan Harrison tip

Both players are having a rough time. But we think that Thomas Berdych is in a better position and that he is going to win this match. On the other hand, this is Harrison’s last chance to do something big this year, and we think that he’s going to put up a good fight against his opponent. It is why we believe that more than 36.5 gems is a good choice for the second bet.
The tradition of having at least one tiebreak in their matches will probably continue, and we intend to use this.

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