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Roma vs. Inter Milan: Luciano Spalletti is coming home

AS Roma


Time till Match:

Inter Milan


AS Roma's former coach Luciano Spalletti is coming back home, but this time with a different club. Inter Milan is coming here to win, and when we add that Spalletti know everything about Roma, we are backing up that intention.


Stadium: Olimpico

Date: 26 August 2017

Time: 19:45


AS Roma's former coach Luciano Spalletti is coming back home, but this time with a different club. Inter Milan is coming here to win, and when we add that Spalletti know everything about Roma, we are backing up that intention.


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Inter Milan to win
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Reasons for betting on Roma vs. Inter Milan betting tip

Luciano Spalletti is going to meet with his former club already in the second round of the Italian championship. After not so nice break up with Roma this is going to be one challenging event for him. All eyes will be pointed at Inter’s coach, and we can expect many different reactions to his appearance. It will be the derby of Serie A this weekend, between two teams who are aiming the Champions League spot.
The game will take place at Stadio Olimpico in front of 80,000 spectators.

Roma overview

Since above-mentioned Spalletti left, Roma is not playing very well. That was obvious immediately when the preseason started. The newly appointed manager Eusebio di Francesco is still trying to find the proper tactics and the solutions for the lineup. The hosts are not playing flamboyant and offensive as they used to in the previous seasons. But what is more important is the fact, that they are not so lethal anymore. In 6 matches they have played this season, Roma scored only 8 times, and in only on one game, they netted more than once. The departure of Mohamed Salah surely made a negative impact on the performances. It is why it’s imperative for the management of this team to sign Riyad Mahrez who was allegedly in talks with the club from the Italian capital.

Inter Milan overview

The totally opposite situation is with Nerrazzuri. Luciano Spalletti brought many positive changes, and we finally see the performances of Inter as they should be. The team who attacks all the time, creates pressure and controls the game. They have 6 straight wins at the moment, and after a long period, they are convincing. 4 of them were without an allowed goal and in the same number of games they have scored two or more times.
During the pre-season games, they conquered Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Olympic Lyon and that is the ultimate proof of their improvement. In the first match of the season, Inter demolished Fiorentina with 3-0. We can expect high efficient events when Inter plays in the future.

Head to head matches

In 65 encounters so far in history, Inter Milan has 26 victories. Roma has 20 wins, and 19 events were ended without a winner. In the previous 6 games, Roma is slightly better with 3 wins, while Inter has 2. Five of those contests saw both teams to score.

In head-to-head matches between the managers, Spalletti has three victories in three encounters with Di Francesco.

Prediction for Roma vs. Inter Milan betting tip

The first thing that crosses our mind when we see this matchup is the fact that Roma has a huge handicap. And that is the fact that Luciano Spalletti knows every flaw of his former club. It is why we think that Inter Milan is going to win this derby. The second suggestion would be Inter Milan over 1.5 goals. The offensive approach that Spalleti prefers guarantees goals on both sides. But because of the circumstances mentioned above, more balls are going to end in Roma’s net.

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