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Rodger Federer vs Tomas Berdych Predictions, Tips & Preview

Roger Federer


Time till Match:

Tomas Berdych


Stadium: Wimbledon

Date: 14 July 2017

Time: 13:00


Recommended bet:

Over 3.5 Sets
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Rodger Federer is going to meet with Tomas Berdych in the semifinals of this year’s Wimbledon. Many of the experts and the fans expected Novak Djokovic instead of the Czech Republic tennis player, but that didn’t happen. While Federer was in the middle of the media attention with every step followed, the situation with Berdych wasn’t the same. The 15th player in the ATP Rankings was in the shadow. His results were equally good, but nobody saw him as Federer’s challenges. He is in a similar situation like against Djokovic. Before this match, the records in head-to-head matches at Wimbledon were even. Now, he has a chance to change this.

Rodger Federer Preview

Simply the most successful player of all times is magnificent in London. His game resembles on the one 10 years earlier when he was the most dominant player in the world. Federer still didn’t lose a single set at All England Club this year. He is on a hot streak of 10 straight victories in which he didn’t lose a set. Every aspect in his game works perfectly. The serve, the movement, the return, all of them are magnificent. The Swiss player is performing like he has 23 years. Like he is dancing on the grass. What is more important, is that he isn’t experiencing any fatigue or problems with injuries.

Tomas Berdych Preview

We mention it before that Tomas Berdych is entering the face of outstanding performances. Also, we announced that he is going to take at least one set from Djokovic and at the end that happened. Despite the fact that the Serbian player was injured, we still back up the same opinion. Berdych is coming refreshed into the game against Federer because he didn’t spend much time on the court on Wednesday. He had a very tough draw, and this could present a positive thing ahead of this match. Until the game with Raonic, Federer didn’t experience any troubles, and he had played with against much weaker opponents than Berdych did. Unlike in the previous tournaments, his performances are very good. His game is versatile, and it seems that his serve is much improved. That is because he was working with another Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic.

Head to head matches

So far Federer has 18 victories, while his opponent has only 6. This does not have to mean anything because Djokovic had 25 wins against Berdych and the Czech player only 2. Regarding the games at Wimbledon, the situation is even. In 2010 Tomas Berdych defeated Federer in the quarter-finals with 3-1. Four years earlier Rodger was better in the round of 16 with 3-0.


Already many of the fans and the experts are saying that Rodger Federer is for certain in the finals. Some of them are even predicting a certain title. We are not denying that he is a heavy favourite but underestimating Tomas Berdych in this condition is a stupid move. The Czech has the power to snap at least one set on Friday. Our team is also confident that we are going to see at least 4 sets in this match and the odds are fantastic for such an outcome. It is something that needs to be used.

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