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Time till Match:



This is a crunch game for the pair. Expect goals as both teams go all out to keep their tournament alive


Stadium: Krestovsky Stadium

Date: 22 June 2017

Time: 16:00


This is a crunch game for the pair. Expect goals as both teams go all out to keep their tournament alive


Recommended bet:

Over 2.5 Goals
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Both Aussies and Lions have to win this match to stay in the combination for the knockout stage. As a result of this situation, a draw is the worst possible situation, and nobody will benefit from such an outcome. After an opening defeats, these two national selections have nothing to lose anymore, and they will have to give their best shot to preserve some chances for a huge success in this competition. Expect a hard, aggressive game, with a lot of duels at midfield area.

Cameroon Preview

Indomitable Lions had their chances against Chile, but either inexperience or selfishness prevented them to avoid the defeat in that game. On the other hand, the defensive line was fragile, and Chileans could have scored half a dozen of goals. Luckily for Cameroon, we haven’t seen such a scenario. It is evident that offense is much better part of the African champion. But they are not productive in the last two games since Cameroon hasn’t scored, allowing 6 goals on the other side. Against Australia, they just have to display more teamwork, or they will finish this contest.

Australia Preview

The Australians opened the game against Germany pretty slow. At one point the fans thought that this clash would present a one-sided domination. But eventually, the Aussies snapped out from apathy and started playing excellent football in the second part of the second half. During that time, they even had control over the game and have shown that they know how to assault, too. We have the similar situation like with their opponents. The defensive part of the team is much weaker than the attack. Also the midfield isn’t capable of holding the ball in their possession for a long time.
In the last 7 matches they played, both teams scored on 5 of them. The game against Germany was the 3rd straight in which they have conceded at least two goals. If they want to win against Cameroon, this aspect of the game needs to improve by far.

Cameroon vs Australia Head to Head

This encounter will be the first in history in which Australians and Cameroonians meet.
No friendly international or competitive matches were recorded before this one.

Cameroon vs Australia Prediction

With two imbalanced teams, in which attack is the more dominant part of the lineup, the fans expect a lot of goals in this event. As we previously mentioned, both sides do not have even solid defenses, and we actually believe that over 2.5 goals, is almost a certain bet.
However, you can play both teams to score and over 2.5 goals to increase the odds.

Regarding the final outcome and the winner of this game, chances are 50/50, and there is no clear favorite.
For punters who love to play some challenging and unusual bets, a red card in this game is one of the perfect solutions. Neither of these team have some good discipline. This is a long shot, but we thik it might be worth.

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